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Monday, December 5, 2016

Brigadoom is back

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That's right, Brigadoom is BACK! Live theater recreation of a TV show episode about a theatrical play...

It's in Sydney Australia, and guess who's visiting on 12-16-16. :edit: Click these pics for updated info, the date and meeting place got rearranged.

click this pic to go to the event page on facebook, with location and time
That's right, Brian Downey will be stopping by to meet the local Lexx fans and check out this recreated musical. I'll paste the details over here, too, in case you can't get into facebook.

Calling all Lexx fans in Sydney!
Brian Downey is stopping by, on his travels, and is looking forwards to meeting the local Lexx fans!
He's also here to give his support for, the live threatre fan-made recreation of, the musical episode of Lexx, Brigadoom!

So come on down to the Aurora Hotel, and meet Brian Downey, for an awesome Lexx fan party, and kick-off event for the pre-production of Brigadoom Live, and the chance to get a part in it.
That's right, we're also looking for people to sing, whether you can or not already, this is your chance to have some fun, and join us on the stage.

Party Plan:
At the Aurora Hotel, there will be signs.
The party kicks off 6pm, though some may be there earlier.
It will be located in the Kippax Lounge, which is a closed off area, near the bistro, on the 1st (middle) floor.

To condense it, this is a live theatre performance, of a tv-show episode, about a live theatre performance.
For those interested in taking part, full sized rehearsals will be running throughout most of next year, during which time, most crowd funding, marketing, and prop development, will take place.
We plan to go live November 2017. More details to follow.
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