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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Friday, July 15, 2016

flux capacitor... ~fluxing~ (still Lexxing)

I honestly can't tell if I've lost my revolver map on just my own laptop or if it's a problem for everyone. I'm on Windows 10 now, and the only way I can even tell it's still there is to use Edge browser, and it won't display but it will give a link to 'Live Stats'. Chrome acts like it's not there, even when I hover over where it should be, there is no link to click.

If you can still see the globe in the upper right column, I'd love to know this in comments. If you can't, the code is actually still seeing YOU.

-This- is what it should look like. When you click that you go to the 3D globe. You can click around in there and see the stats and maybe even you, lol.

This is the latest 2D map I got today. This is all you guys who have ever looked at You can click on this map to go there, and then click on locations to see all the countries listed. I don't think the total view count is accurate, since blogger insists I've had over 28,000 legit visits here now, and those of you who follow Pinky blog know I'm really rigorous about rooting out bot and spam hits.

I'd like to apologize for not updating in a very long time. My Facebook group and fan page are still active, and I'm on twitter every day (hashtag feed #Lexxperience), but again, if you follow Pinky blog, you know why I haven't gotten much done lately. I do have drafts in queue here, plus other code fix and link items on a list to take care of, so I haven't abandoned this project by a long shot.

Anyway, blogger converted to https this spring, but even though Revolver Maps has https support, I'm not seeing that support in my browsers. I can only guess it's my laptop... I probably need to adjust my java settings or something.

:edit: I guess the globe still shows up on mobile just fine, yay!