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Monday, July 4, 2022

The LEXX Unauthorized book series by Den Valdron

 Den Valdron posted these 2 updates to the Lexxperience group on Facebook. 


I apologise for posting this. I just wanted to leave a note. After over twenty years of work, I have released the LEXX Unauthorized series as trade paperbacks.

I began working on the LEXX books all the way back in 1999. I was invited by Paul Donovan. Over the next three years, I travelled to and from Halifax and Toronto several times, watched filming, visited production offices, researched and conducted dozens upon dozens of interviews.

The book project went through TV Books, then ECW Press, then Titan Books in England, before being dropped in 2002-2003. Subsequently, in 2006, in anticipation of Dragoncon, I wrote the book I wanted to write, printed off a rough (very rough) draft had it bound, and travelled to Atlanta Georgia to give it, to Brian Downey.

In 2009, some fans released a very limited POD version of sections of the Book.

Along the way, my basement flooded and files were destroyed, I had three hard drive crashes, I relocated twice, changed careers, and went through a lot.

In 2016, I found the original manuscript on an unmarked floppy disk I was about to throw up and began to work on it again. Between 2017 and 2021, revised the manuscript, tried to work on errors, and released LEXX Unauthorized as four ebooks.

In 2022, I finally upgraded the four books to print form, trade paperback, going over them one last time. I have signed and sent to Brian Downey, a complete set. I would have sent the sets to Jeff Hirschield and Paul Donovan, but I can't find them yet.

But it's done. I'm finished. This 24 project is finally finished, I can let it go, I get my life back.

The books are great. I recommend them. Ebook or Trade paperback, whatever you choose.

If you are a LEXX fan, please spread the word. 

One more on LEXX. Back a few weeks ago, when I started working on the trade paperbacks, someone said they'd prefer it if I did an audiobook.

Talk about moving the goalposts But okay.

Here you go. LEXX Unauthorized, Backstage at the Dark Zone is now an Audiobook, available on Google Play. I also plan to upload to Kobo.

At this point, no plans to upload the rest of them to audio, unless there is an improbable massive surge in sales.

But here it is, enjoy...

D.G. Valdron- Books on Google Play (goes to all his books) 

(clicking this snip will go to the Lexx books including audiobook) 

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