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Friday, August 29, 2014

“Dare” Lexx Sex Survey

Originally posted 10-18-12.

A survey is going around Xanga daring bloggers to open up about their sex lives. Fascinating stuff, to be sure, but why not heat it up with some Lexx? Screen caps from the tv series Lexx, all images can be found at

1) What do you consider your first sexual experience to be?

Half the time you don't get any thunder or lightning.

2) What is the sexiest thing you’ve ever worn in public?

When it breaks, fix it.

3) What is the sexiest surprise you have ever given someone?

I think Poet Man surprised everyone. Not every day a hologram rapes a guy with a needle.


Zev scared Stan silly in the shower when she wanted to eat his brain.

4) What is your favorite scene from a porn video or story?

This was about as sick as it could get, using other people's organic fluids to get off.


5) Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Xev and Bunny played truth or dare.

Kai will kiss anything if asked, but it's rare that anyone asks because he's dead. He kissed a robot head...

and Prince... whaaaa?

6) Had sex in a public place?

First Lady Bunny and the President can't seem to stop.

7) Have you ever had anal sex?

Whatever happens at Sub-N mercenary Feppo's place ~stays~ at Sub-N mercenary Feppo's place.

Don't trust the biomechanical carrots, or Kai will have to probe you.

8) Have you ever had a rim job? Given one?

Ever been tied up by crazy ballerinas with whips and had your head jammed up to one full of spikes?

9) Are you in a relationship now?
It's complicated.


10) What is your partner’s sexual fantasy?

Stan wants Xev

Xev wants Kai

but sometimes it just goes horribly wrong.


Giggerota dreams of Dexter 9, the secret planet of the milk fed boys.


If you ask Feppo, you might get to see his collection of fave fantasies.

11) Do you prefer to orgasm before or after your partner?

Don't do it Stan, hold onto the key to the Lexx, nooooooo!!!

12) How often do you masturbate?

Sometimes you just have to cradle the rock.

13) Have you ever had cyber or phone sex?

This guy was addicted to a narcalounger.

Xev was P4K's top internet billing.


14) When you masturbate do you think of a specific person, celebrity or friend?

Vlad dreamt in her crypt of a Divine Assassin until it came true.


Stan probably thinks of Zev in the shower

and Xev in the shower.

15) What is on your sexual Bucket list?

Usually, to escape...


Want more Lexx? Go to my index and follow my marathon posts, and order it for yourself from Echo Bridge Entertainment- Lexx



I think people are wanting more Lexx. I knew my other blog was getting hit pretty hard before Xanga migrated to new servers, but since Sept 1st 2013 I haven't been able to see how hard. It's only been a month since I started moving my stuff over to here. Honestly? Didn't expect this much this fast. Guess it's safe to say fans are happy to get more Lexx on their mobile devices.

There's still a lot of work to do.
1- I keep running into fans on tumblr and other media that think they're the only Lexx fan in the world.
2- In the old days I had several character posts up, but didn't have them backed up. I'll be rewriting them from scratch, with loads more to say and way more pix.
3- Yes, I really do intend to review the entire series. Lexx is a modernistic film noir work of philosophical and dark comedic art, and so close to being lost for all time for awhile, at least in the U.S. until Echo Bridge Entertainment picked it up for distribution, and then Lexx finally started showing up on streaming and in retail.
4- This is a hobby that is going to take several years. Don't worry if I look stalled out sometimes. Real life smacks me around like crazy.

I've been a scifi fan all my life. Sliders moving to the Syfy (then SciFi) channel a couple of decades ago prompted me to invest in Dish, but I never purchased an entire series on hard copy until Lexx, and it's the only show I devote any time and money into fansite building. Why? Because it really did start disappearing, became almost impossible to find for awhile. I couldn't bear the thought that it might become obsolete.

Lexx fans, while seemingly few, are rabid enough to create their own books, comics, art, games, clothing and shoes, jewelry, and even film to fill the yawning lack of merchandise tugging at our souls. Lexx fans are wonderfully inventive, casting their own collectibles and creating their own action figures, trading cards, tech skins, plushies. I used to try to keep track of their creations with a site called Lexx Art, which is gone now. I still think it's a neat idea, though.

Anyway, I'd be working on this fan stuff anyway just because I like it, even if I only got 3 hits a month. So thank you to everyone checking this out, it's a sweet surprise, and I guess we'll see how far this goes.

If you are looking for more Lexx, please check out the wonderful sites in my link index. Some of them are still interactive, and many of them contain more links I don't have listed.

Da Lexx- Rapdicted

Originally posted 11-27-12. Some links in this post go back to the original blog and won't be viewable on mobile.

Thanx to TheBloggess putting up a link, I can see what my Lexx blog looks like when you search it through Gizoogle. Stanley Tweedle on the Cluster will take on a whole new meaning… You *will* see a lot of really hilarious rough language, so if you’re not up for that, just shut your eyes and think of ladybugs or something.

If you want to see Lexx posts Gizoogle style (rapdicted, it’s awesome), you have to paste over each page address separately into the Gizoogle search bar. I would do it for you and create a whole new index, but Gizoogle directs everything back to its generic, so there are no real page links, sorry about that. The easiest way to do this is to go to my Lexx Index (plug into Gizoogle, you’ll love it), scroll down to whatever link you want to see rapdicted, open that page, grab the web address out of the bar at the top your your page, go back to Gizoogle, and plug it in. I swear, it’s totally worth the effort. For example, you wanna check out I Worship His Shadow- part 3- Stanley Tweedle, so you grab the–part-3–stanley-tweedle/ out of the bar, plug it into Gizoogle, and you get the page for I Worshizzle His Shadow- part 3- Stanley Tweedle. Or you wanna check out Lexx and psychological health, perhaps, you grab out of the bar and plug it into Gizoogle and get the page for Lexx n’ psychological game, like.

omg, my pop up box even got rapdicted. 

So psyche playa is finally gettin somewhere wit mah take on sexuizzleitizzle, thanx ta Lexx. None of it turns mah crazy ass on, n’ he calls mah crazy ass tha porn biatch of Lexx, unphased wit what tha fuck I be bustin ta tha fans. (Years ago, mah most wildly ghettofab post was called ‘Tied Up’.) I know itz unimaginable fo’ his ass dat entire Lexx sex survey post aint much different from any other action sequences I peep up in sci-fi shows, except up in content. I know itz unimaginable ta hustlas dat I would muthafuckin ludd tha sheezy so much without one whispa of sexuizzle stimulation up in mah dome afta all tha work put tha fuck into dat by tha creators n’ hustlas. I was never sold on tha sex of Lexx. Itz just simply a buckwild show, regardless, n’ tha irony n’ sadnizz embedded tha fuck into all tha sexuizzle innuendo is part of dat brilliizzle, cuz dat is straight-up real thuglife fo’ a shitload of gangstas. Our sex lives is ironic n’ sad. Da human condizzle be absurd fo’ realz. And I is ghon be explorin all of dat up in detail.

Links to More Lexx

Originally posted 9-6-12 as part of my Lexx Index page. These links go to other sources (mostly fans and info) that are not mine. I receive no payment or compensation for linking and sharing.

Links to More Lexx

 Kai, Last of the Brunnen G

 Sci-Fi Talk interviews with Brian Downey and Michael McManus

I no longer archive or follow current events, so I’m not recreating a fansite. This is still just one of my personal blogs. However, after being blown away by 800+ views in only a week when I brought Lexx out of the closet last month, I thought hmm, a lot of people really like Lexx and want more, might be fun to have a little Lexx fling here and there, just for kicks when I get a day off. And if anyone would like to take advantage of my site traffic and pile on, you’re welcome to email your Lexx linx and site names to me so other people can get to you while they’re here, and I will arrange them alphabetically. I will not link obvious porn or spam, but I will link your art and writing pages if you want. I know, I deleted it all before, why wouldn’t I do it again, right? Well, lemme pose you this one- what if an EMP shut down your national grid and you didn’t have any technology to see it with for months anyway? Or what if, heaven forbid, 790 showed up and told the Lexx to blow us up? See, I actually had the nerve to do that… But yeah, I don’t think it’s going away any more.

:edit: 10-28-12 I’ll also be adding links I’ve used in Lexx posts, and links that have faithfully sent regular traffic to me all these years, even when this site closed and my Lexx stuff disappeared.

2-5-13 Ok, I give up, it’s gotten out of hand, I’m just adding links I run into regardless. There is a LOT of Lexx out there.

DISCLAIMER- No one is paying me to list here. This site is a personal blog and part time fansite, it’s not here to make money. I have never made any money through anything Lexx, and the only money I ever got for a raffle from MegaCon ’07 in which I donated all the items involved went 100% to charity. I am happy to list everyone who is a Lexx fan or involved with Lexx in any way.

:edit: 8-29-14 This list is by no means exhaustive, and doesn't include links to individual sites containing Lexx fan art and fanfiction. I'm sure some of the links in this list archive all that stuff, so please click around.

I'm not an actor watcher/stalker, I usually have no idea what the Lexx actors are up to currently unless I run into it by accident. It's not my job to provide updated stalker info, but I will include what I have from a post originally published on 3-28-13.

Lexx actors on twitter and facebook

Not intending for my blog to become an update mecca for actor spotting, but I watch the con hashtags and happen to be following Bill Carr, so these things are happening lately. Thought I’d share if there are some hard core Lexx fans out there who’d like to know.

You might remember Bill Carr as the other security guard (class 2) in my previous post at I Worship His Shadow- part 7- Termination.

Bill has a twitter account at, in case you’d like to follow him. He’s got a new project going, I’ll paste the tweets here and if you are interested you can ask him directly about it.

Ellen Dubin was recently at MegaCon in Orlando, and Gigi Edgely (Chiana from Farscape) shared a table with her and had some pictures going while the con was live.

And Ellen (Gigerotta) has recently tweeted to check her facebook at for convention pictures. You can also follow her on twitter at UPDATE- Ellen Dubin’s twitter is now

If you are looking for other Lexx actors online-

(Please bear in mind I have no idea if all of these are the real deal or not, but they seem like it. I’m not much of an actor stalker, I don’t follow other people’s real lives very well, so I typically don’t friend on facebook much. Same goes for other social media.)

Brian Downey

Xeenia Seeberg

Patricial Zentilli

Tom Gallant

Luise Wischermann

Eva Habermann

Bill Carr

Nigel Bennett

Also this originally posted 6-18-14.

Whatever happened to the Line Major?


Awesome actor follow up of the Line Major in I Worship His Shadow at, use your translator to read it, will look something like this.


There are loads of pix and info on her film career, worth checking out!

Follow @lexxians on twitter for more up to the minute actor and fan links.