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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rated Lexx DVD Featurette

:edit: 8-26-15 Yeah, just noticed this guy got smoked. Sorry about that. Got 300+ views before it croaked. They're little snippets from the dvd extras (more info on the Lexx Wiki), and LEXX is getting cheap enough nowadays, just go buy it, guys. From this reviewer-

"ATTENTION TO ALL SCI-FI FANS LOOKING FOR AN AMAZING SHOW: This is the ONE show where they don't spend 99% of the time talking inside a spaceship. On this one, we actually discover a wide-range of new, strange, bizarre and original worlds and locations. OH YES."

I think TFVProduction was asked to remove the vids or something since Rated Lexx is, very weirdly, Syfy property, according to the Lexx Wiki-

"The US Sci Fi Channel owns, or is part owner of the rights to both versions of Rated: LEXX, which is just another addition to what must be a really complicated legal rights situation with respect to the series."

My Star Trek be going all Renegades on the Horizon post on another blog (because I love Gary Graham) got me all excited, and I wound up kerplunked into the middle of Lexx on youtube. I know, it's weird how that happens, but here, have these while I keep working on that Thodin post.

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