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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kai and spicy shrimp

I've had maybe 4 Lexx dreams in my entire life. Many fans talk about having Lexx dreams, mine are extremely rare, considering that I remember decades of dreams.

I had one last night. It felt important, and I think it was given to me so I'd reach out to the fandom, since I've been so careful to keep my things separated. This is not a new direction for Lexxperience, just a one-off standalone post.

Kai, Xev, and Stanley were discussing Prince. Something had to be done. There were lots of shady politics, but what I really remember was the food. Kai couldn't eat, but encouraged me to try a spicy shrimp dish, which I sampled while listening to Xev interjecting between Stanley's outbursts about something over my head.

You can decide for yourselves what Earth country each character might represent. I got the feeling Stanley represented the Western Hemisphere, Xev represented European countries, and Kai represented Asian countries. Prince was destroying the whole world and each part of the world wanted it to stop.

I woke up to this article. Secret Societies and Planet Earth

In this article I noticed that Japan's government had a notable change announcement on 11-11-18.

In Japan, meanwhile, a new party has been formed to restore samurai rule, the announcement was made on the 11th of November 2018 the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The Japanese were among the winners of the First World War but were mostly snubbed by the Treaty of Versailles and further alienated when the League of Nations has snubbed their proposal to prohibit racial and religious discrimination.

The appointment of a new Emperor of Japan next year will mark the end of secret colonial rule in that country and the beginning of a new era, say Japanese right-wing sources. As part of this the Bank of Japan will be nationalized, they say.

Recall that in October Trump said that the Federal Reserve Council was “the greatest threat“, from this we can guess that the US and Japanese right-wing forces are preparing for the control of privately-owned Central Banks.

Spicy shrimp, anyone?

That article is the fastest way I could possibly sum up what I've been watching happen all over the world over the last year. A lot of change is coming, and it will affect us all. This article is only the tip of information that is showing up on the internet. These are not conspiracies. These are people rising up against the global domination and enslavement of the One World Bank that holds us all in debt slavery.

I am among the Lightworkers in the Q movement. I have been getting information for some time. I care very much about the Lexx fandom, since I believe (said here for the first time) that it was prophetic, even if it wasn't meant to be. I have said in the past that I believe the reason Lexx got dropped and even buried to the point of oblivion for awhile is because it wakes people up. Lexx makes people think about the parts of world government that don't work, that uses, abuses, and kills people, that holds us as slaves on a TV planet and eventually 'decapitates' us all. (Lexx had rows of heads before a Lady Gaga video ever did. Something to think about.)

The Lexx is a symbol for the powerless dregs being able to fight back. The Lexx is an escape Plan.

Trust the Plan. Q is a military intelligence op reinforced by POTUS to legally carry out the removal of those who commit human atrocities, including those who think they are above the law with wealth. These atrocities cover all forms of abuse including human and child trafficking for labor and sex run by religions and governments. This is happening worldwide. Over 140 countries are part of an Alliance committed to stopping the New World Order while there is still one last chance.

Those who are enslaved in the underground, especially- soon. I know you watch this blog. I know how many times certain posts have gone viral in other countries locked down in sharia law. I know you suffer. I am here to say change is here, it's real, and we love you. Please know we see you suffering.

To the rest of the Lexx fandom, my apologies for not being more involved in the review series. I've been quite busy.

Love and light.