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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lexx review at Nerd Movie & SyfyDesigns

Lexx (1997-2002)

Originally written 2013, copied from SyfyDesigns.

The Divine Order is turned upside down when the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes is accidentally stolen by a security guard, a love slave, and a robot head. The only hope to reclaiming the Lexx- a bioengineered bug ship the size of Manhattan- lies with an undead assassin from an ancient prophecy. What can go wrong? Hailed as Star Trek's evil twin, Lexx blows up planets and the scifi you know right out of the universe.

Lexx was not received well in the United States due to graphic sexual themes and weird story telling, often referred to as the soft porn of scifi, but continues to be a cult favorite around the rest of the world. Lexx boldly took scifi film to Orwellian depths it never went before with cannibalism, mass genocide in the guise of government Order, sex slavery, and repurposing humans into serviceable robot parts. What happens when ordinary people get hold of the Lexx? While other space themed story arcs revolve around military, Lexx tips revolution over and blows it up.

Season one of Lexx is a collection of 4 movies starting out on the Cluster, capital of the League of 20,000 Planets and judicial headquarters for His Divine Shadow. The Lexx, bioengineered and grown on the Cluster to become the ultimate weapon near the end of over 6000 years of war, is a 'big bug' that can fly through space, blow up planets, and talk to its captain. Fans fall in love with Lexx because it thinks like a bug and remains innocent of every devastation it creates on command, a leading character in its own right. Guest actors in first season include Barry Bostwick as Thodin, Tim Curry as Poet Man, Rutger Hauer as Bog, and Malcolm McDowell as Yottskry.

Season two of Lexx changes to a television series that continues immediately with backstory and plunges headlong into frightening disaster. A character change grips viewers while the series launches into a delightful conflict of bawdy fun and grim reality that mock our crew mercilessly in directions that will leave you spinning. This season is everything you ever wanted to see go wrong in Trek or any other scifi series, and the creators have a lot of fun coloring outside the lines. The most popular episode of Lexx with viewers around the world at 2.18 is Brigadoom, filmed as a theater experience with a separate soundtrack, with rare handmade costuming and an ancient Russian sounding fight song, according to Russian fans.

Season three of Lexx is very dire. The Lexx has drifted without food for 4000 years while the crew is in stasis and becomes caught in the gravity well between two planets, Fire and Water. The entire season is fraught with mysteries and dangers, love and deception, navigating the torments of hell and the delights of heaven trying to stop Prince from gaining control of the Lexx. Never has scifi so beautifully choreographed philosophy, bureaucracy, and even the hint of religion into such a masterful soap style drama, with stunning landscapes and what was groundbreaking CGI for the time period.

Season four of Lexx is a discourteous romp around the Earth when Lexx finds the Little Blue Planet. The entire series finale is a very tongue in cheek mockery, chock full of stereotypes and bad puns, even inside jokes about the scifi film industry. Fans scatter in all directions between it being cute, ridiculous, rude, and outright genius. Season four is the most often quoted as least favorite, but if you are a mistie (MST3K fan), you totally get the fun the creators had with the filming, with spins on everything from alien possession to Godzilla to where vampires came from, and much more. Unfortunately, Americans were the butt of the political joking (along with the Pope), so between that and the risque 'soft porn', it disappeared from American television networks never to be seen again, until streaming tv came along.

Even though Lexx ended with season 4, the creators inserted hope for a continuing story at the very end. Who knows, maybe someday there will be more Lexx, especially with so much inherent content for prequels.

by Janika Banks aka @pinkyguerrero

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