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Monday, June 11, 2018

Lexxperience Lexx

First, thank you for the visits. 😘💗💗

Still Lexxing, I know it's hard to see. Let's catch up.

  • The 5th season green light April Fool's joke blew up into a stupid rumor that got a few of us pretty grumpy. I had to contact IMDb personally over it. Not happy that an opportunistic 'fan' was able to put erroneous info in as fact based on one of my blog titles and it wasn't vetted properly. There is no season 5, guys. This joke is over 5 years old, it was funny, now it's just a drag and you would. not. believe. the location hits I've gotten in my stats on that.
  • The 'bored' has been uber rescued and will never go away now. It is currently being super tech salvaged so you may see it blink in and out of existence, but it's still there, and every intention is to bring it back to usable status.
  • I have several drafts started in this blog that date back up to 3 years ago. Part of the reason I have stalled is because I keep being tagged or privately contacted and pushed by uber fans on social medias and I just put it down and walked off. I'm not doing this for anyone but me, it's MY hobby out of pocket, and I'm also upset with both a tech issue and life issue throwing one particular curve ball at me, mainly I no longer have the kind of tech control over my house that I used to. Kind of like Gru in the Despicable movies, if you've ever seen those. Good thing tiny people are so cute, lol.

This blog history goes back to 2004. I started out on Xanga, disappeared for personal reasons discussed on another blog, came back with no intention of Lexxing again but apparently long-ago readers stat bombing me talked me back into it, migrated my content after the Xanga server move looked like a shipwreck, developed a Lexxperience hub on social medias, and am now in discussion about housing with a developing sci-fi website. A handful of you are aware I turned down writing for other sci-fi sites (some that would pay me) and chose not to jump into celebrity owned hubs (like Nerdist) because I want to stay in control of my content, and over several years have put nearly $2000 into Lexxing out of pocket. I created a mission statement, set up disclaimers, and I toe the line for the fandom. Lexx online is my hobby, but if I'm going to share, I'm doing it legally.

I do not own Lexx, have never been paid or employed by anyone related to Lexx, and I don't purport to speak for anyone regarding Lexx properties. I am a Lexx fandom historian, a character and plot speculator, but not an actor follower. I have incidental interactions and happenstances, but I'm way too busy with real life to dig up anything and everything related to actors who breathed anywhere around Lexx. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate fans who put the work into that, I very much appreciate how that takes many dedicated hours and that work is their own. I hope to eventually catalog as many fans as I can find still working on Lexx content to collect into a library, but that isn't priority right now. Since I am in touch with so much Lexx fandom around the world, I am in a position to inventory (again), which may or may not affect property refurbish, and at this point, after seeing so many people fight over that, I am burned out with that idea. Anyone with enough money can haul it out into court and disentangle the property, but until that happens and some kind of settlement is reached, we probably won't be seeing more merch. I still contend Lexx was buried for other reasons, and that these reasons didn't kill it so much as save it from annihiliation. It wasn't out of print very long, like so many scifi shows were for awhile.

I'd like to thank one person in particular for stimulating my personal growth in this fandom. I was very publicly personally challenged and wound up becoming known and remembered over it. I don't use it to leverage myself, but I do own my history. Many years of thought have brought me to the conclusion that if I do this for me, I also do this for the fandom, and the fandom is a living thing of its own. Fans may come and go, but the fandom lives on.

I am still here, and I'm not done yet. The fandom is growing, and I know this because I am watching this on the medias. It's time to Lexxperience Lexx again.

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