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Saturday, January 20, 2018

international fandom under mistaken political fire

Just received an email that my Twitter account has been flagged as part of the Russian- US presidency scandal investigation, even though i never retweet anything related to actual politics. Please be aware I've been gently warned that my account could be closed if deemed dangerous, and that anyone associated with me might be investigated, as well. We all know I have strongly associated and supported Lexx fans in Russia since 2005, and I've shared on my personal blog that my family history goes back to Russia via Mennonite migration and land grants. I don't generally care for politics and avoid dragging that junk into my feeds, but the simple association with Russian accounts is enough to flag me. I guess it's getting real, and ignoring it doesn't keep my personal playgrounds safe from conspiracy. If you see my social media accounts shut down, it's not because I'm doing it. I did make my personal Facebook private this month, but it's unrelated. As I have always said, if fans want to copy paste my writing and whatever photos, I would thank you for link backs, but also just do it in case this gets stupidly ridiculous. I've been saying for years fandoms lead in world diplomacy, and fandoms will soon be razed as illegal content rippers as an excuse to control people. I believe in world fandom families, and I pray this doesn't get out of hand. I am one of the most benign people there is in Twitter, and yet I have been flagged in this nationwide investigation. Hopefully that email is all I get and nothing else happens, but in case the govt starts shutting accounts down, I wanted to say I love you guys, and be Lexxy with each other. - Janika Banks


  1. Trump conspiracy investigations are also running off ads you may have let run on this site. Russian mob loves to advertise online casinos etc. So you look connected to rich Russian mobsters as a voluntary pawn. If you are wide open to ads from some web-rings you may even have potentially let ISIS connected ads run on your site. So the to automated intelligence bots you can be connected in multiple ways to bad folk.

    But most likely you just got scammed by fake warning troll bots...that is assuming you did not get letter via mail. FBI etc does not send warnings via email.

    Twitter itself may consider terminating you without legal cause using twitter service notice. But that is exactly the point your account would then stop working immediately. Twitter does not want legal costs so they terminate accounts before getting served as 3rd party provider. But remember lots of people spend weeks learning how to troll with fake Twitter notices...and yet they cannot stop your account.

    1. Actually, I am very publicly associated with a number of actual Russian-owned accounts, so this was a big deal. I kept a close eye, Lexx fans in Russia with twitter accounts were not affected as far as I am aware. These are real people accounts. However, I did lose at least one twitter friend who very adamantly aligned ultra conservative during this period. I found that very interesting. At any rate, I do wish they'd paid as much attention to spam bots in general, and especially the porn. I have stringently purged my twitter affiliations many times. Thank you for your concern.

    2. Also, I have never monetized, so I don't run ads. Any ads people see are part of my free blogging and administered by Google.

    3. Also, I did get the email. I thought I made that clear. I wasn't trolled, it was legit.