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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

are you Lexxperienced?

Messed up aspie over here accidentally conned @bonenado into giving me an early birthday present last night, BOOYA. Ran into a check in my purse this morning that I forgot to deposit the other day and totally forgot I have money. Oopsie.
 photo 4bigsmile.gif

So twenty bucks a year lets me point at my Lexx blog on blogger, yay! I don't remember if a Lexx fan used to own that or if it was something else, but evidently let it go, so I nabbed it. "Lexxperience" was a term coined by Syfy during their Friday Prime promos for Lexx.

Monday, September 15, 2014

790 spotted at a comiccon

This pic clicks to original source.

You can see some of the original pictures of the reconstruction that Marc did after he won the ebay bid on the 790 stunt double and cart on Helen's page. It's in Russian so use a translator. Much of it is her summarization but you can still pick up the work Marc put into it. I used to have copies of his videos where he used remote control to make it zoom around the sidewalk and street, apologies, my copies are gone now. He also rigged it with a recorder/player so it would sound like 790 was really talking. He shows up at comiccons around his area with it, so if you see it, yes, it's REAL!

Many thanx to @ThaddeusNowak on twitter for sharing his picture of Marc and 790, and please to check out his author page at 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Waiting for the Lexx Spin-off

What can Lexx fans do to help? Besides becoming more aware of the process,

and learning what goes into making a cool show like Lexx (click pic for the videos), 

and cosplaying Lexx characters at comiccons (click pix to see the albums on facebook), 

I think the most obvious thing fans can do to really help is have fun being Lexx fans on the internet! I recently wrote this in my facebook group, Lexxperience.

I think best chance of fans SPEAKING OUT is literally being an open fan on the internet. Blog about Lexx, tweet about Lexx, post pictures of Lexx to public sites, FLOOD THE SEARCH ENGINES. I run into fans constantly who have no idea there are other Lexx fans still around because all the old abandoned stuff keeps coming up at the top of search engine results. We need to change that.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ok, let’s drag Lexx back out of the closet

Originally posted 8-17-12.

I was surprised this morning to accidentally run into this little article, mostly because I wasn’t doing a search on anything Lexxy at all, but was even MORE surprised that NO ONE had commented and there were only 2 facebook likes.  I went ahead and pinned it, commented, and liked, but dang, Lexx fans, where are you?  We used to be so hard core, we used to fight tooth and nail to get this stuff out the fastest, and this is already 3 months old and it looks like not a soul cares.  While I have constant surveillance on this blog from diehard fans and webmasters all over the world, this guy got nothing, so what say we help him out, make it WORTH HIS WHILE to actually write about your fave cult scifi show ever, show some actual internet support (yeah, I know, this coming from the person who tore down one of the biggest fansites on the North American continent), and give crap back to the critics *outside* of your message board comfort zones.  Click to go, like the old days.  And if you need to comment here, I promise I won’t delete, say whatever you want, I’m just staying out of it.

The cult sci-fi series LEXX comes home – Dallas TV |  

The discussions are still alive in slo-mo, if you a determined enough lurker.  Waiting For the LEXX Spin-off

For those without a clue- Lexx – The Full Wiki

 :edit: 8/20/12  Someone just asked me about the Lexx video game, is there one, etc.  I remember I used to have a link to this one.
Lexx Video Game

:edit: 8/25/12  I honestly never expected this much traffic on a single post in only a week’s time (817 views).  I can only imagine what would happen if I were to rebuild my old Lexx stuff.  Since sitemeter isn’t catching this particular page-specific landing point, I’m the only one that can see my internal xanga tracker, so I just wanna give a shout out to Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philipines, Netherlands, Sweden, Egypt, Belarus, New Zealand, and what the heck, a couple of you in the U.S., and that’s just in the last 24 hours.  In the last 48 we can add France, Austria, Columbia, and Brazil.  Earlier this week I saw Kuwait, Singapore, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Ontario, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Switzerland, Italy, Bandladesh, Venezuala, Argentina, and Finland, all coming specifically to this Lexx titled post.  If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that Lexx is dead, you couldn’t prove it by this response.  The U.S. NEVER airs it, but we still have our avid fans here, too.  So big wave to all of you, thanx for stopping by, might get screen snips of all those hits for posterity.  Love those fans!!!!

p.s. I’m wildly curious how some of you are getting into ‘Events’, since xanga dismantled that years ago and the only way I can get into it myself is through following your footprints, and once I’m there I can’t edit or change a thing there.  I don’t think it’s supposed to show up at all.

I’m way out of the loop now, but I guess it’s still alive at Hal-Con 2012, and thanx to sites like and, I’ll keep seeing some of you drop by.  Keep Lexxing.

:edit: 9-6-12 > *wow* this stirred memories, dug out my Lexx cds yesterday, and it looks now like I’ll be doing a marathon of all 4 seasons as time permits over the coming year.  If you wanna follow along and/or put in your own two cents, click this little button to go to my Lexx navigation page.

  • Hmmm… I liked Lexx okay, especially the first season, but I loves me some Farscape! Both are a heck of a lot better than anything current! Did you care much for Babylon 5? That’s my fave, with Star Trek TNG and Voyager running in a tie for second 

Oh oh, you have one of those rec buttons that doesn’t work! Come to my site and copy the rec link I put on some of my blogs. You can paste it in your entries and you can save it in your favorites and use it to rec any entry with a broken rec button. Make sure you tell people not to use it from the main page though, they have to click through to the entry so the page will know which entry they’re recommending.

Anyways, just wanted to get a rec on here to help you on yer mission. Go Lexx!

  • @AOK4WAY - My first love was Sliders, and for that we got our first satellite dish.  I’ve seen every Bab5, every Trek and Farscape, every Stargate, but Lexx was the first scifi purchase I ever made, and I got the full 4 seasons all at once.  It was also the first scifi show I ever started collections on, the first real fansite I ever made (before that I was a moderator), first show I ever wrote fan mail to, the only reason I’ve ever gone to a convention.  Also up to date on Dr. Who, religously into Nerdist.  I had a crush on Billy Mumy when the original Lost in Space was on years ago.  But yeah, Lexx…
  • @GrandFortuna - Always a pleasure to meet a fellow sci-fi lover! 

    Haha, Bill Mumy! I loved Lost In Space when I was a kid too, but I was more of a Robot fan! WARNING! DANGER! DO NOT DO IT WILL ROBINSON! The episode where Dr. Smith turned into a giant carrot was my fave lol.

  • If you want to make a change of your tedious life, if you can’t stand heavy sports shoes and if you hate to take exercise because of the uncomfortable shoes, I think you really need a pair of Asics Corrido Sneakers. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Shoes are famous for their high quality and comfort, Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 can solve all the problem for you.

Wow, haven’t even heard of this, and I love some SciFi television!

@GrandFortuna - I haven’t seen anything with Colin Morgan in it. I wouldn’t know if he’d be any good. Eddie? Witty enough. Not “Alpha Wolf” enough.

  • @Endrath - Watch Lexx online free on Tv-links, I’m afraid you won’t find it on U.S. television unless someone wonderful comes along and pulls it off a shelf.  From your list of 18 faves, I’d have to add to mine Primeval for sure, loved Andromeda, made it through Eureka somehow (helps that Wil Wheaton joined the cast).  I think Friday Prime on Scifi before it became Syfy was the golden age for scifi.

    @suicide_king23 - Colin Morgan – IMDb  I have a feeling this guy is going to explode onto the world and become one of the classics over the decades.
  • Where you been hiding yourself,..kiddoo?  I looked and looked for you and for the chickens!!  Wgoooopeeeee!!  You are back!!@
  • @Stanelle - I fell down and went boom.    I’m back, but now it’s the real me.  I’m not above making another post once in awhile though just to yap Lexx on.

Ok, this is 9-9-14 again. The reason I pulled THIS post over (seriously considered not bothering) is because of this discussion in the group on facebook.

For those of you still just discovering my Lexx blogs- I've been blogging Lexx since 2005. Most of it disappeared when I got real sick. I'm back. I'm not here to follow actors around or hang out yapping about how I love Michael McManus or whatevs, I'm here to promote LEXX. Every little bit fans get excited and stir around a little bit talking about what if there were a spinoff, yap yap, but it's done in private groups and forums and the world doesn't see this going on. Lexx became so scarce for awhile that you couldn't find it anywhere. Over the last couple years it's out on Target shelves (something brand new in Lexx distribution history) and streamed for awhile on Netflix and Hulu, might still be able to stream it on Amazon. Was this a last gasp squeezing a few more nickels and dimes out of the fans? Or does it signify portent? Lexx was practically 'dead' in the U.S., now a U.S. company controls worldwide distribution. What does this mean??? Is it coming back? Might there be more?

The fans are stirring around the world. They are waking up to Lexx being 'back'. It's slow going because Lexx has no representation in the social medias besides FANS. No one else out there is promoting Lexx as merchandise. If it weren't for Lexx showing up in U.S. streaming for a year, fans wouldn't have noticed at all that Lexx is being merched again. I searched the webs for fans talking about it- no one was.

Well, I see fans starting to talk about it now. They're really hard to find because they're mostly in closed groups and private forums, but that doesn't mean there isn't interest. THERE IS INTEREST IN A LEXX SPINOFF, THERE IS INTEREST IN A LEXX REMAKE, THERE IS INTEREST IN LEXX MERCHANDISE.

Can anybody hear us?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Lexx

Originally posted 9-6-12, with tens of thousands of views since. On the old blog this is the intro to the index full of links. All the links contained in this post go back to the original blog. I no longer use age restrictions. Posting this here today is like taking a snapshot of how far I'd gotten with the old blog before I started moving stuff here. I have already moved the link index of stuff that goes to other people's sites in Links to More Lexx.

You are on the Lexx Index Page.  Images in this post click back to original sources. Scroll down for the Lexx marathon index, Lexx fun stuff, and links to other Lexx sites. This index gets updated regularly.

If you could fly away on the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes, would you do it?

One day you’re sitting there stuffing your face with tons of fresh meat and growing at a phenomenal rate, like you always do,

and next thing you know you’re being hijacked by a group of rebels and then stolen by escaped prisoners and flown over a stadium full of screaming people. #veryexciting

Lexx is a very big bug, designed by bioviziers on the Cluster for His Divine Shadow.

The Lexx is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. He likes to blow up planets.

Lexx can be commanded only by the person who holds the key.

His Shadow wants the Lexx back, even if he has to defy ancient prophecy to make it happen.

Welcome to my Lexx episode and character review navigation page. I’ll link more Lexx review posts below as I marathon through the four seasons of Lexx this year, so ignore the date up there, this page will get updated a lot. I don’t think I’ve watched any Lexx since 2007, so this will be a trip down memory lane. I have an age rated caution on this blog so I hopefully don’t have to moderate comments.

Lexx Online Marathon

Lexx TV Series, seasons 2,3,4
(coming soon, because we can’t wait to see Xev, Lyekka, Mantrid, the Milk Fed Boys, Prince, Bunny, Priest, and more!)
Lexx- Season Two 8-26-13

My Own Lexx Reviews and Character Articles

Lexx Fun Stuff
why am I taking so long posting more Lexx?!?! >=(  10-11-12
prisoner transports over a stadium…  10-11-12
Lexx- opening sequence  11-13-12
Any particular reason why Florida?  11-18-12
“Dare” Lexx Sex Survey 11-18-12
Lexx and psychological health, perhaps  11-20-12
Lexx on Droid 11-25-12
Da Lexx- Rapdicted  11-27-12
What, NO Lexx???  11-28-12 (Syfy didn’t blip Lexx once on their anniversary special.)
Lexx ecards  12-4-12
Lexx traffic  12-12-12
Holiday Lexx  12-14-12
End of the World  12-21-12
Lexx on Netflix 12-23-12
Kai on the River Kwai 12-23-12
Lexx- wallpapers, icons, pix 12-27-12 (updated 4-9-13)
glitchy guestbook 1-9-13
Stanley Tweedle (video) 2-2-13
3-13-13 3-13-13
Lexx Twitter Challenge 3-18-13
the making of Lexx 3-24-13 :edit: 4-2-13
Lexx actors on twitter and facebook 3-28-13
Lost Lexx Art 4-12-13
Print Your Own LEXX Magazine 6-17-13
But the dark zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness 11-6-13
Valentine Lexx 2-4-14

Lexxtraneous Stuff
Group LEXX watch twitter party (#LexxWatch2013 Jan. 19 on twitter pending playoff scheduling) 1-5-13
Lexx fans video chat 12-13-13

Ellen Dubin interview with Wormhole Riders

Originally posted 5-26-13.

It all started a little while ago with a tweet alert.

Egads, THE INTERVIEW, I was traveling for the holiday and got my days mixed up. clueless So it blew me away when the twitters started beeping me and my twitter handle was all over the end of a live interview tweet shout with Ellen Dubin.stunned

 photo 0g5.jpg


See, this kinda goes back a little-, there are links to her official sites & forum there, etc. So anyway, that led to this.

I’m NOT the interactive fan type. Everything I do is a synchronicity of a long string of happy accidents.

So this really happy accident happened after I posted on twitter about Ellen’s upcoming interview on WormholeRiders News Agency, and now I’m linking you to that exclusive 2-part interview that includes a recording from Blog Talk Radio.

(if this doesn’t work, possibly Xanga might not host this through your browser)

Listen to internet radio with WHR You Decide on BlogTalkRadio
My Lexx blog isn’t about keeping up with where the actors are now (other fans do an excellent job of that), but I’m happy to write up links for Ellen Dubin and anyone else connected with Lexx any time they’d like. heart I happen to be a big fan of many other things she’s doing, as well, and you can keep up with Ellen, as I’ve said at SyfyDesignsEllen Dubin is all over the place, and I’ve been keeping track of her fan pages across the internet since way back on myspace and herofficial website and forum because she played Giggerota in Lexx, although I generally don’t get involved. But I seem to be a little involved now, thanx to her twitter. She’s a fun actress to follow, very generous with fans (in between super busy spells), and goes from leggy knockout to zombie with incredible ease, just a pleasure in everything I’ve seen her in, plus great voice work in video games.

Thank you to Holly Wilson, Sr. Editor/Producer at Wormhole Riders for alerting me to this interview. happy


Originally published on 3-13-13.

End of the World

Originally posted on 12-21-12, which was the end date on the Mayan calendar before it started over again.

If the world ends today, it’s because 790 commanded the Lexx to blow up the Little Blue Planet. S.4 Ep Yo Way Yo. pix click to original sources

Lexx ecards

Originally posted 12-4-12.

Years ago I used to be able to find Lexx ecards, and wondered ifanyone out there still hosted this service.  Here we go.

Hi Janika!
Janika ( has sent you an eCard:

This eCard was sent to you through the home of all things Sci-Fi.

If you’d like to check out sending Lexx ecards for Christmas, go to Media and Download Sections to the Lexx Gallery, choose the image you want, then in the upper left menus (they are tiny) choose ‘item actions’, and 3rd up from the bottom is ‘send as ecard’.  Easy peasy.  My Hanukkah-Christmas-Kwanzaa-whatever holiday, birthday, or non-holiday present to you. It’s all good on the Lexx.

You’re welcome.

Lexx on Droid

Originally posted 11-25-12. On 9-1-13 Xanga migrated and I lost mobile viewing. Summer 2014 I started moving my Lexx posts over here to Lexxperience to bring mobile viewing back to my readers.

I will never forget the day I first saw my Lexx fansite in its entirety loaded up all at once. I had constructed it bit by bit, code by code, from scratch on laborious dial up, and could never pull my own site up completely and properly see it. I had to go on faith that everything I was constructing did what it was supposed to and was all in the right places. In the summer of 2006 during a computer class in medical terminology, sitting in the back of the room during a 5 minute pre-test review, I sneakily pulled up my fansite on the college network server and was knocked breathless. There in all its glory was my fansite like a glossy fan magazine, so much better than I had envisioned it in my head. I cried as briefly and as quietly as possible and managed to get the screen back off just before the teacher would have caught me. I had trouble breathing as I floated through that test (which I aced, in case you’re wondering). After the test someone asked me what was going on, I guess my eyes were still in the stars, and they couldn’t understand anything I tried to convey about how gratifying it was to finally see my own fansite for a television show they’d never heard of in a genre they weren’t interested in after two years of flying completely blind and pulling my virtual hair out over code they had no clue exists. The glossy beauty of it at that moment has never left me.

I had the same experience today. I no longer have that Lexx fansite, it’s all gone. I have a really nice laptop on awesome broadband and can see everything I’m doing now. I still tear some virtual hair out while I toggle between two browsers and umpteen open windows, racing like a madman against the hundreds of interruptions that plague my life. I spend hours (and days) on every Lexx post I pull together, not exactly reconstructing a fansite, but definitely creating a magazine style nerd blog with a Lexx obsession. Up until this last weekend I have never seen my stuff on any other technology than a computer screen. But we got serious phone upgrades at Verizon on Black Friday, and my Droid Incredible 4G LTE (not being paid to link that) gets awesome internet. And today I clicked my bluejacky home link from my twitter profile and. was. wowed. My silly survey blog looks like a glossy online magazine. It was only a short click from there to this blog, and I literally held my breath with tears in my eyes while that tiny little Lexx flew across the space background on my glossy Lexx-obsessed nerd blog… I danced around going *aaaaahhhhh* *aaaaaahhhhh* ~Scottlookatmyphoneit’smycoolLexxblogI’msoawesomeIrock~

I have regained my composure. I did a bad rush job getting pix on my HD camera, I’m sure a different light setting would have better results, but I’m not particularly patient right now (crazy fangirling all over one’s self leads to smashing one’s ankle on a coffee table), so you’ll just have to believe me that Lexx on my new Droid rocks the Two Universes. You all need to go out and get Droids *right now*. There is nothing cooler than seeing the Lexx get ready to fire it’s weapon on your phone in the dark, like this page. And the little comets fly around even better than they do on this blog.