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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Lexx

Originally posted 9-6-12, with tens of thousands of views since. On the old blog this is the intro to the index full of links. All the links contained in this post go back to the original blog. I no longer use age restrictions. Posting this here today is like taking a snapshot of how far I'd gotten with the old blog before I started moving stuff here. I have already moved the link index of stuff that goes to other people's sites in Links to More Lexx.

You are on the Lexx Index Page.  Images in this post click back to original sources. Scroll down for the Lexx marathon index, Lexx fun stuff, and links to other Lexx sites. This index gets updated regularly.

If you could fly away on the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes, would you do it?

One day you’re sitting there stuffing your face with tons of fresh meat and growing at a phenomenal rate, like you always do,

and next thing you know you’re being hijacked by a group of rebels and then stolen by escaped prisoners and flown over a stadium full of screaming people. #veryexciting

Lexx is a very big bug, designed by bioviziers on the Cluster for His Divine Shadow.

The Lexx is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. He likes to blow up planets.

Lexx can be commanded only by the person who holds the key.

His Shadow wants the Lexx back, even if he has to defy ancient prophecy to make it happen.

Welcome to my Lexx episode and character review navigation page. I’ll link more Lexx review posts below as I marathon through the four seasons of Lexx this year, so ignore the date up there, this page will get updated a lot. I don’t think I’ve watched any Lexx since 2007, so this will be a trip down memory lane. I have an age rated caution on this blog so I hopefully don’t have to moderate comments.

Lexx Online Marathon

Lexx TV Series, seasons 2,3,4
(coming soon, because we can’t wait to see Xev, Lyekka, Mantrid, the Milk Fed Boys, Prince, Bunny, Priest, and more!)
Lexx- Season Two 8-26-13

My Own Lexx Reviews and Character Articles

Lexx Fun Stuff
why am I taking so long posting more Lexx?!?! >=(  10-11-12
prisoner transports over a stadium…  10-11-12
Lexx- opening sequence  11-13-12
Any particular reason why Florida?  11-18-12
“Dare” Lexx Sex Survey 11-18-12
Lexx and psychological health, perhaps  11-20-12
Lexx on Droid 11-25-12
Da Lexx- Rapdicted  11-27-12
What, NO Lexx???  11-28-12 (Syfy didn’t blip Lexx once on their anniversary special.)
Lexx ecards  12-4-12
Lexx traffic  12-12-12
Holiday Lexx  12-14-12
End of the World  12-21-12
Lexx on Netflix 12-23-12
Kai on the River Kwai 12-23-12
Lexx- wallpapers, icons, pix 12-27-12 (updated 4-9-13)
glitchy guestbook 1-9-13
Stanley Tweedle (video) 2-2-13
3-13-13 3-13-13
Lexx Twitter Challenge 3-18-13
the making of Lexx 3-24-13 :edit: 4-2-13
Lexx actors on twitter and facebook 3-28-13
Lost Lexx Art 4-12-13
Print Your Own LEXX Magazine 6-17-13
But the dark zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness 11-6-13
Valentine Lexx 2-4-14

Lexxtraneous Stuff
Group LEXX watch twitter party (#LexxWatch2013 Jan. 19 on twitter pending playoff scheduling) 1-5-13
Lexx fans video chat 12-13-13

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