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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ellen Dubin interview with Wormhole Riders

Originally posted 5-26-13.

It all started a little while ago with a tweet alert.

Egads, THE INTERVIEW, I was traveling for the holiday and got my days mixed up. clueless So it blew me away when the twitters started beeping me and my twitter handle was all over the end of a live interview tweet shout with Ellen Dubin.stunned

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See, this kinda goes back a little-, there are links to her official sites & forum there, etc. So anyway, that led to this.

I’m NOT the interactive fan type. Everything I do is a synchronicity of a long string of happy accidents.

So this really happy accident happened after I posted on twitter about Ellen’s upcoming interview on WormholeRiders News Agency, and now I’m linking you to that exclusive 2-part interview that includes a recording from Blog Talk Radio.

(if this doesn’t work, possibly Xanga might not host this through your browser)

Listen to internet radio with WHR You Decide on BlogTalkRadio
My Lexx blog isn’t about keeping up with where the actors are now (other fans do an excellent job of that), but I’m happy to write up links for Ellen Dubin and anyone else connected with Lexx any time they’d like. heart I happen to be a big fan of many other things she’s doing, as well, and you can keep up with Ellen, as I’ve said at SyfyDesignsEllen Dubin is all over the place, and I’ve been keeping track of her fan pages across the internet since way back on myspace and herofficial website and forum because she played Giggerota in Lexx, although I generally don’t get involved. But I seem to be a little involved now, thanx to her twitter. She’s a fun actress to follow, very generous with fans (in between super busy spells), and goes from leggy knockout to zombie with incredible ease, just a pleasure in everything I’ve seen her in, plus great voice work in video games.

Thank you to Holly Wilson, Sr. Editor/Producer at Wormhole Riders for alerting me to this interview. happy

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