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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Saturday, December 8, 2018

I'm really coming back here some day, I swear...

Two days ago I received a message via VK (Russian facebook) from Alexy Zhikov. That message contained links to 2 pdf docs prefaced with the greeting "Hello! This is my draft work on the Brunnen ji civilization. Waiting for your feedback." The first document I opened had a title page, extensive chapter outline, and a total of 309 pages.

We have a very serious Lexx fan here.

I'm going to share the first page. I have not yet read through the entire document, but am very much looking forward to it. I probably slaughtered it a bit running it through a translator, so please forgive if there are problematic areas. I am particularly thrilled that this topic is being given academic level attention, which is what I've always dreamed of doing.

In 2017, the science fiction series Lex (Lexx) celebrated its twentieth anniversary. For more than 20 years, many works have been written (film reviews, interview, essay), compiled electronic chronological table on the series ("Lexx Time Line "D. Darrow), two electronic online encyclopedias (wikiprojects) on to the fictional world of "Lex" (English and Russian). But while there is no more or less detailed study of such an important artistic image as an extinct civilization of brunnen ji.

In general, speaking directly, on the topic of brunnen-ji from large-scale works only two social articles have been created at the moment D. Darrow and review article in the English wikiproject. In addition, in the available materials there is no multilateral approach and the widest possible coverage of facts, but there is only a superficial description of them (as in wikiprojects) or point analysis of some separate (geographical, military, technological) nuances associated with the culture of brunnen ji (like D. Darrow). Therefore, the author decided to fill this gap in lecture and devote his scientific work complex research of Brunnen ji and civilization built by them.

To make it all very clear in terms of how to investigate, for what and with what tools, before starting the search, you should specify objectives, methodological basis and objectives of the work.

The task of this work is as follows: to describe as widely as possible and in detail features of formation and development (natural, historical, cultural and etc.) of a fictional territorial community - the Brunnen ji civilization. AND This task, given the specifics of the series, its internal contradictions and understatement - the task is quite difficult. First, the story of Brunnen ji shown in "Lex" inconsistently, fragmentary. This creates a series of difficulties when trying to reconstruct it. Secondly, the boundaries of the settlement Brunnen-ji - with one side, as well as social ideology and related systems - with the other hand, judging by the plot of the film, underwent a change. (The second time I ran this paragraph through google translate said 'underwent changes'.)

Amen, brother Alexey!

I have not yet asked for permission to share more, and of course it's not my place to publish someone's document, but I will definitely be working on a review over the holidays.

Lexx created in a friend's minecraft realm
memed by yours truly
Hope you all have very nice holiday
Stay warm and be safe through the winter
Except Australia and Brazil, don't suffocate in the heat lol
Hi all the other fans, I see you all over the world

Since I'm here posting, here is a personal update for Lexxperience.

Some of you may be aware of some of the social medias' restrictions that have been going on throughout the year on certain political viewpoints, and I've been playing cat and mouse with my accounts to avoid them being shut down. I normally give a wide berth to politics, but it's been a bit irresistible with the anons standing up worldwide to globalism and the big tease over whether ETs are involved, nevermind the wild AI and robot stories. By the way, French fans, I hope you're ok. Looked a bit scary from over here. I don't know about the rest of you, our news is horrid, very controlled and we're doing our best to find out more but they keep shutting down accounts spreading real news from outside the mainstream narrative.

We live in very Lexxy times.

I decided to extremely restrict my personal facebook while I purge it of 5 years of useless and outdated content that I didn't create myself. I changed over to a standby twitter account and finally put my Lexx hashtagging into its own account. I closed around ten useless accounts (sorry, tumbr, it's not you it's me 💔) and I joined a discord group of anons, and tonight started verifying with keybase. I'm afraid I've missed a lot going on with the real Lexx world and the fans last few months, especially Winter Con, and I apologize. Also, my personal blog has moved. 😐 Again.

G+ announced they will be shutting their pages down this coming spring, so I've been regrouping my web presence and reviewing my investments into my dotcoms and domain hosting. I'm also being strongly encouraged to finish a writing contract I set up 5 years ago, and between all that and moderating a server, I'm a bit all over the map.

But I'm still here. 😁 And more is coming.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kai and spicy shrimp

I've had maybe 4 Lexx dreams in my entire life. Many fans talk about having Lexx dreams, mine are extremely rare, considering that I remember decades of dreams.

I had one last night. It felt important, and I think it was given to me so I'd reach out to the fandom, since I've been so careful to keep my things separated. This is not a new direction for Lexxperience, just a one-off standalone post.

Kai, Xev, and Stanley were discussing Prince. Something had to be done. There were lots of shady politics, but what I really remember was the food. Kai couldn't eat, but encouraged me to try a spicy shrimp dish, which I sampled while listening to Xev interjecting between Stanley's outbursts about something over my head.

You can decide for yourselves what Earth country each character might represent. I got the feeling Stanley represented the Western Hemisphere, Xev represented European countries, and Kai represented Asian countries. Prince was destroying the whole world and each part of the world wanted it to stop.

I woke up to this article. Secret Societies and Planet Earth

In this article I noticed that Japan's government had a notable change announcement on 11-11-18.

In Japan, meanwhile, a new party has been formed to restore samurai rule, the announcement was made on the 11th of November 2018 the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The Japanese were among the winners of the First World War but were mostly snubbed by the Treaty of Versailles and further alienated when the League of Nations has snubbed their proposal to prohibit racial and religious discrimination.

The appointment of a new Emperor of Japan next year will mark the end of secret colonial rule in that country and the beginning of a new era, say Japanese right-wing sources. As part of this the Bank of Japan will be nationalized, they say.

Recall that in October Trump said that the Federal Reserve Council was “the greatest threat“, from this we can guess that the US and Japanese right-wing forces are preparing for the control of privately-owned Central Banks.

Spicy shrimp, anyone?

That article is the fastest way I could possibly sum up what I've been watching happen all over the world over the last year. A lot of change is coming, and it will affect us all. This article is only the tip of information that is showing up on the internet. These are not conspiracies. These are people rising up against the global domination and enslavement of the One World Bank that holds us all in debt slavery.

I am among the Lightworkers in the Q movement. I have been getting information for some time. I care very much about the Lexx fandom, since I believe (said here for the first time) that it was prophetic, even if it wasn't meant to be. I have said in the past that I believe the reason Lexx got dropped and even buried to the point of oblivion for awhile is because it wakes people up. Lexx makes people think about the parts of world government that don't work, that uses, abuses, and kills people, that holds us as slaves on a TV planet and eventually 'decapitates' us all. (Lexx had rows of heads before a Lady Gaga video ever did. Something to think about.)

The Lexx is a symbol for the powerless dregs being able to fight back. The Lexx is an escape Plan.

Trust the Plan. Q is a military intelligence op reinforced by POTUS to legally carry out the removal of those who commit human atrocities, including those who think they are above the law with wealth. These atrocities cover all forms of abuse including human and child trafficking for labor and sex run by religions and governments. This is happening worldwide. Over 140 countries are part of an Alliance committed to stopping the New World Order while there is still one last chance.

Those who are enslaved in the underground, especially- soon. I know you watch this blog. I know how many times certain posts have gone viral in other countries locked down in sharia law. I know you suffer. I am here to say change is here, it's real, and we love you. Please know we see you suffering.

To the rest of the Lexx fandom, my apologies for not being more involved in the review series. I've been quite busy.

Love and light.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

the billbored is back

The domain has successfully moved to easier host and we are nearly done repairing all the old code and reviving old threads. I can reset password as needed if previous members cannot remember them, but while i do that, make sure if you are still using the same email to confirm it. If not, I can input a new email in there as well so you can go forward without any more staff fixing. Let me know if you'd like for me to do that. -Janika

I've been posting that info on the facebook groups. I have put contact into the bored here.

Some of the threads in the forums on this board go back to 2004, loads of salvage on what I've been calling the Memory Catacombs. Fandom history is still there, and after several years of bumps during upgrades and server moves, we can now see it all again, yay!

Many thanks to myke from SyfyDesigns for doing this work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lexx review at Nerd Movie & SyfyDesigns

Lexx (1997-2002)

Originally written 2013, copied from SyfyDesigns.

The Divine Order is turned upside down when the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes is accidentally stolen by a security guard, a love slave, and a robot head. The only hope to reclaiming the Lexx- a bioengineered bug ship the size of Manhattan- lies with an undead assassin from an ancient prophecy. What can go wrong? Hailed as Star Trek's evil twin, Lexx blows up planets and the scifi you know right out of the universe.

Lexx was not received well in the United States due to graphic sexual themes and weird story telling, often referred to as the soft porn of scifi, but continues to be a cult favorite around the rest of the world. Lexx boldly took scifi film to Orwellian depths it never went before with cannibalism, mass genocide in the guise of government Order, sex slavery, and repurposing humans into serviceable robot parts. What happens when ordinary people get hold of the Lexx? While other space themed story arcs revolve around military, Lexx tips revolution over and blows it up.

Season one of Lexx is a collection of 4 movies starting out on the Cluster, capital of the League of 20,000 Planets and judicial headquarters for His Divine Shadow. The Lexx, bioengineered and grown on the Cluster to become the ultimate weapon near the end of over 6000 years of war, is a 'big bug' that can fly through space, blow up planets, and talk to its captain. Fans fall in love with Lexx because it thinks like a bug and remains innocent of every devastation it creates on command, a leading character in its own right. Guest actors in first season include Barry Bostwick as Thodin, Tim Curry as Poet Man, Rutger Hauer as Bog, and Malcolm McDowell as Yottskry.

Season two of Lexx changes to a television series that continues immediately with backstory and plunges headlong into frightening disaster. A character change grips viewers while the series launches into a delightful conflict of bawdy fun and grim reality that mock our crew mercilessly in directions that will leave you spinning. This season is everything you ever wanted to see go wrong in Trek or any other scifi series, and the creators have a lot of fun coloring outside the lines. The most popular episode of Lexx with viewers around the world at 2.18 is Brigadoom, filmed as a theater experience with a separate soundtrack, with rare handmade costuming and an ancient Russian sounding fight song, according to Russian fans.

Season three of Lexx is very dire. The Lexx has drifted without food for 4000 years while the crew is in stasis and becomes caught in the gravity well between two planets, Fire and Water. The entire season is fraught with mysteries and dangers, love and deception, navigating the torments of hell and the delights of heaven trying to stop Prince from gaining control of the Lexx. Never has scifi so beautifully choreographed philosophy, bureaucracy, and even the hint of religion into such a masterful soap style drama, with stunning landscapes and what was groundbreaking CGI for the time period.

Season four of Lexx is a discourteous romp around the Earth when Lexx finds the Little Blue Planet. The entire series finale is a very tongue in cheek mockery, chock full of stereotypes and bad puns, even inside jokes about the scifi film industry. Fans scatter in all directions between it being cute, ridiculous, rude, and outright genius. Season four is the most often quoted as least favorite, but if you are a mistie (MST3K fan), you totally get the fun the creators had with the filming, with spins on everything from alien possession to Godzilla to where vampires came from, and much more. Unfortunately, Americans were the butt of the political joking (along with the Pope), so between that and the risque 'soft porn', it disappeared from American television networks never to be seen again, until streaming tv came along.

Even though Lexx ended with season 4, the creators inserted hope for a continuing story at the very end. Who knows, maybe someday there will be more Lexx, especially with so much inherent content for prequels.

by Janika Banks aka @pinkyguerrero

Monday, June 11, 2018

Lexxperience Lexx

First, thank you for the visits. 😘💗💗

Still Lexxing, I know it's hard to see. Let's catch up.

  • The 5th season green light April Fool's joke blew up into a stupid rumor that got a few of us pretty grumpy. I had to contact IMDb personally over it. Not happy that an opportunistic 'fan' was able to put erroneous info in as fact based on one of my blog titles and it wasn't vetted properly. There is no season 5, guys. This joke is over 5 years old, it was funny, now it's just a drag and you would. not. believe. the location hits I've gotten in my stats on that.
  • The 'bored' has been uber rescued and will never go away now. It is currently being super tech salvaged so you may see it blink in and out of existence, but it's still there, and every intention is to bring it back to usable status.
  • I have several drafts started in this blog that date back up to 3 years ago. Part of the reason I have stalled is because I keep being tagged or privately contacted and pushed by uber fans on social medias and I just put it down and walked off. I'm not doing this for anyone but me, it's MY hobby out of pocket, and I'm also upset with both a tech issue and life issue throwing one particular curve ball at me, mainly I no longer have the kind of tech control over my house that I used to. Kind of like Gru in the Despicable movies, if you've ever seen those. Good thing tiny people are so cute, lol.

This blog history goes back to 2004. I started out on Xanga, disappeared for personal reasons discussed on another blog, came back with no intention of Lexxing again but apparently long-ago readers stat bombing me talked me back into it, migrated my content after the Xanga server move looked like a shipwreck, developed a Lexxperience hub on social medias, and am now in discussion about housing with a developing sci-fi website. A handful of you are aware I turned down writing for other sci-fi sites (some that would pay me) and chose not to jump into celebrity owned hubs (like Nerdist) because I want to stay in control of my content, and over several years have put nearly $2000 into Lexxing out of pocket. I created a mission statement, set up disclaimers, and I toe the line for the fandom. Lexx online is my hobby, but if I'm going to share, I'm doing it legally.

I do not own Lexx, have never been paid or employed by anyone related to Lexx, and I don't purport to speak for anyone regarding Lexx properties. I am a Lexx fandom historian, a character and plot speculator, but not an actor follower. I have incidental interactions and happenstances, but I'm way too busy with real life to dig up anything and everything related to actors who breathed anywhere around Lexx. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate fans who put the work into that, I very much appreciate how that takes many dedicated hours and that work is their own. I hope to eventually catalog as many fans as I can find still working on Lexx content to collect into a library, but that isn't priority right now. Since I am in touch with so much Lexx fandom around the world, I am in a position to inventory (again), which may or may not affect property refurbish, and at this point, after seeing so many people fight over that, I am burned out with that idea. Anyone with enough money can haul it out into court and disentangle the property, but until that happens and some kind of settlement is reached, we probably won't be seeing more merch. I still contend Lexx was buried for other reasons, and that these reasons didn't kill it so much as save it from annihiliation. It wasn't out of print very long, like so many scifi shows were for awhile.

I'd like to thank one person in particular for stimulating my personal growth in this fandom. I was very publicly personally challenged and wound up becoming known and remembered over it. I don't use it to leverage myself, but I do own my history. Many years of thought have brought me to the conclusion that if I do this for me, I also do this for the fandom, and the fandom is a living thing of its own. Fans may come and go, but the fandom lives on.

I am still here, and I'm not done yet. The fandom is growing, and I know this because I am watching this on the medias. It's time to Lexxperience Lexx again.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

international fandom under mistaken political fire

Just received an email that my Twitter account has been flagged as part of the Russian- US presidency scandal investigation, even though i never retweet anything related to actual politics. Please be aware I've been gently warned that my account could be closed if deemed dangerous, and that anyone associated with me might be investigated, as well. We all know I have strongly associated and supported Lexx fans in Russia since 2005, and I've shared on my personal blog that my family history goes back to Russia via Mennonite migration and land grants. I don't generally care for politics and avoid dragging that junk into my feeds, but the simple association with Russian accounts is enough to flag me. I guess it's getting real, and ignoring it doesn't keep my personal playgrounds safe from conspiracy. If you see my social media accounts shut down, it's not because I'm doing it. I did make my personal Facebook private this month, but it's unrelated. As I have always said, if fans want to copy paste my writing and whatever photos, I would thank you for link backs, but also just do it in case this gets stupidly ridiculous. I've been saying for years fandoms lead in world diplomacy, and fandoms will soon be razed as illegal content rippers as an excuse to control people. I believe in world fandom families, and I pray this doesn't get out of hand. I am one of the most benign people there is in Twitter, and yet I have been flagged in this nationwide investigation. Hopefully that email is all I get and nothing else happens, but in case the govt starts shutting accounts down, I wanted to say I love you guys, and be Lexxy with each other. - Janika Banks