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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Saturday, December 8, 2018

I'm really coming back here some day, I swear...

Two days ago I received a message via VK (Russian facebook) from Alexy Zhikov. That message contained links to 2 pdf docs prefaced with the greeting "Hello! This is my draft work on the Brunnen ji civilization. Waiting for your feedback." The first document I opened had a title page, extensive chapter outline, and a total of 309 pages.

We have a very serious Lexx fan here.

I'm going to share the first page. I have not yet read through the entire document, but am very much looking forward to it. I probably slaughtered it a bit running it through a translator, so please forgive if there are problematic areas. I am particularly thrilled that this topic is being given academic level attention, which is what I've always dreamed of doing.

In 2017, the science fiction series Lex (Lexx) celebrated its twentieth anniversary. For more than 20 years, many works have been written (film reviews, interview, essay), compiled electronic chronological table on the series ("Lexx Time Line "D. Darrow), two electronic online encyclopedias (wikiprojects) on to the fictional world of "Lex" (English and Russian). But while there is no more or less detailed study of such an important artistic image as an extinct civilization of brunnen ji.

In general, speaking directly, on the topic of brunnen-ji from large-scale works only two social articles have been created at the moment D. Darrow and review article in the English wikiproject. In addition, in the available materials there is no multilateral approach and the widest possible coverage of facts, but there is only a superficial description of them (as in wikiprojects) or point analysis of some separate (geographical, military, technological) nuances associated with the culture of brunnen ji (like D. Darrow). Therefore, the author decided to fill this gap in lecture and devote his scientific work complex research of Brunnen ji and civilization built by them.

To make it all very clear in terms of how to investigate, for what and with what tools, before starting the search, you should specify objectives, methodological basis and objectives of the work.

The task of this work is as follows: to describe as widely as possible and in detail features of formation and development (natural, historical, cultural and etc.) of a fictional territorial community - the Brunnen ji civilization. AND This task, given the specifics of the series, its internal contradictions and understatement - the task is quite difficult. First, the story of Brunnen ji shown in "Lex" inconsistently, fragmentary. This creates a series of difficulties when trying to reconstruct it. Secondly, the boundaries of the settlement Brunnen-ji - with one side, as well as social ideology and related systems - with the other hand, judging by the plot of the film, underwent a change. (The second time I ran this paragraph through google translate said 'underwent changes'.)

Amen, brother Alexey!

I have not yet asked for permission to share more, and of course it's not my place to publish someone's document, but I will definitely be working on a review over the holidays.

Lexx created in a friend's minecraft realm
memed by yours truly
Hope you all have very nice holiday
Stay warm and be safe through the winter
Except Australia and Brazil, don't suffocate in the heat lol
Hi all the other fans, I see you all over the world

Since I'm here posting, here is a personal update for Lexxperience.

Some of you may be aware of some of the social medias' restrictions that have been going on throughout the year on certain political viewpoints, and I've been playing cat and mouse with my accounts to avoid them being shut down. I normally give a wide berth to politics, but it's been a bit irresistible with the anons standing up worldwide to globalism and the big tease over whether ETs are involved, nevermind the wild AI and robot stories. By the way, French fans, I hope you're ok. Looked a bit scary from over here. I don't know about the rest of you, our news is horrid, very controlled and we're doing our best to find out more but they keep shutting down accounts spreading real news from outside the mainstream narrative.

We live in very Lexxy times.

I decided to extremely restrict my personal facebook while I purge it of 5 years of useless and outdated content that I didn't create myself. I changed over to a standby twitter account and finally put my Lexx hashtagging into its own account. I closed around ten useless accounts (sorry, tumbr, it's not you it's me 💔) and I joined a discord group of anons, and tonight started verifying with keybase. I'm afraid I've missed a lot going on with the real Lexx world and the fans last few months, especially Winter Con, and I apologize. Also, my personal blog has moved. 😐 Again.

G+ announced they will be shutting their pages down this coming spring, so I've been regrouping my web presence and reviewing my investments into my dotcoms and domain hosting. I'm also being strongly encouraged to finish a writing contract I set up 5 years ago, and between all that and moderating a server, I'm a bit all over the map.

But I'm still here. 😁 And more is coming.