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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lexxperience the fandom history through forums

Originally posted in the Lexxperience group on facebook and copied from tumblr

It’s nearly renewal time for, the “billbored” for Lexxians after the original forum, earliest date I can see on it is 6-10-04. I know there are other forums with loads of fandom history, but this bored is its own unique thing and I intend to financially support it as long as possible.
There was a mishap over the winter, the bored went on lockdown, and I have tried about 10 different ways to get a message through to admin, including email listed on the domain registration. This evening I used the ‘contact us’ form as a last resort.
I’m sharing this because, in the event that the domain owner info has changed, I may not be able to renew this next month, in which case domain will pass into expiry and might be removed from public access. The fees are due in a handful of very short weeks, so I wanted to let you guys know, just in case, that this might be your last chance to go visit what’s still left in salvage from the old archives. The mishap possibly wiped the newer stuff (or it might still be there, I’ve got a code tech guy on standby if I can ever get a message through), but there is still lots of fandom history there from 2004 to 2010.
Other older fan forums include-
Lexxverse at
LexxZone at
And of course Brian’s board at
Thanx to a post made by scifisuzi in 2004, the history of the 'billbored’ is partially historically archived at was originally after it was rescued from forum kept being rescued BY FANS. All these years, fans have paid to keep this fandom history archived so it won’t disappear. Well, it’s been 12 years since the first rescue, from what I can see, and I really hope LittleLexx isn’t the last.
2016 is Lexx’s 20th #Lexxversary, and if you’re feeling at all nostalgic, there you go, loads of fandom history that still hasn’t disappeared yet. And there’s more! I’ve only listed the main forums that I was the most active in or read the most, I know there are more, and I would be delighted for fans to link them in comments.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ellen Dubin update for fans

This is pasted over from my Lexxperience group and page on facebook for fans who don't have facebook.

Hi guys 
Ellen Dubin got hold of me a few minutes ago about Lexx being noted at 39th place out of 50 for all-time best scifi shows EVER (previous link, awesomely cool), and here are a few things of note.

Check out the cool refurbish at Ellen's dotcom She's very busy and doing all the things, and everything you need to see what she's up to is right there.

If either of us had the money we'd have The Time is Right funded already and Lexx rebooted. Check out The Time is Right on Facebook at and follow them on twitter and youtube because 1- Ellen is part of it and 2- I heard Jeff (790) is on the writing team. If you have money burning holes and wanna be awesome, get with Garner Haines about getting Ellen's role going.

We are both sad that the new #Lexxversary page at stopped, but we understand people have lives and lots of stuff happen, and we hope everyone is doing ok. We talked about a LOT of the older Lexx history and fandom history being collected at, Sadgeezer, Frey, and more. We also think it's awesome that a new gen of Lexx fans are sprouting because 1- their parents love the show and/or 2- they saw Lexx as kids and are now rewatching.

I teased Ellen about the irony of Giggerota being the one who is surviving and 'owning' the show now, since she's been so cool to promo Lexx so much and she said "BUT I NEVER FORGET THE SHOW THAT REALLY STARTED MY SCI FI CAREER -ever-! Now let's get me on Game of Thrones or the Walking dead, need a good role on a new sci fi show!" 
Ellen is active on both twitter and facebook and has instagram Keep your eye on her, she's moving pretty fast.

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