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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Lexxperience SyfyDesigns


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So this happened.

click for original tweet salvage history, in my opinion, is movie of the week level storytelling, but easily condensed into "it's back".

Myke (@ekym) and I have known each other since 2013. is kind of like the diner in Spaceballs, home to Lisa Marie Bowman's @LNMGang and a wild slide through a variety of forums, blogs, and articles.

My own bragging rights include over 100k collective views between my TWD Live Tweet Review, Pinky Stuff, several think pieces I've written about Star Trek, The Walking Dead, and Stargate Atlantis, my smashing fandoms series, my 'coffee with' series, Merlin, freeze drying your pets (srsly), Big Ass Spider, chess boards I wish I could collect... And I'm not alone. Barry has home video footage of official rocket launches, Myke has a series of web design articles and more, Lisa Marie is a machine with her Pandora's Box blog, Patrick's #latemoviegang chat reviews are unforgettable, Janeen's passion for Lucifer undeniable. And of course, Lexx.

Maybe Myke helping me to finally rescue the LittleLexx 'billbored' was destiny...

Lexxperience dotcom was a fortunate grab, because there is a world class travel agency that would probably love to have that. I've been using it as a pointer to a somewhat neglected fan blog hastily created to rescue content during a server move skidding wrecklessly out of control during a series of real life crises. That sounds so Lexxy.

SyfyDesigns was with me nearly from the very beginning of coming back out to public, the only home Lexxperience has ever known while I remained rogue, refusing to write for other scifi web magazines. As I have said so many times- I guess we'll see what happens.

p.s. I still can't thank Andrey Lake Gladilin enough for permission to use his Lexx graphic.