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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lexx fans on Facebook

Thank you to RJess Mayya for rounding up some of these links on Facebook. I added the snips, which will click to the groups. As you can see, this is a limited representation of a world fandom. I find Lexx everywhere. (tumblr is pretty awesome) :edit: Please note these are fan oriented groups and pages, not actor or filmmaker follower groups and pages. Lexxperience is about supporting fans finding other fans. Some of those fans, in turn, will lead you to everything you ever wanted to know about Lexx, including the actors and filmmakers. Also, this is not an exhaustive list and will be periodically updated.

Some LEXX fan groups you may be interested in

Lexx- Down Under (public group)

The LexxZone (closed group)

LEXX .booth. Extended Universe (public group)

Lexx Fans (public group)

Lexxperience (public group)

LEXX- Dark Zone (public group)

#lexxians- (closed group)

Zev (Lexx)- (public group)

There are also Lexx fan pages that fans can post to, as well.

Lexx Lovers



And some of the older pages are still there.

Plus probably over 50 differently named redundant pages merged with Facebook's original About Lexx page linked to Wikipedia, which now has over 21,400 likes.

Facebook also sports a nice collection feature, such as posts about Lexx, photos about Lexx, and more.



    Where is Eva Habermann now ?

    1. Thank you for sharing that link =) my paper also picked you up on twitter since you used the #Lexxperience hashtag, you got the featured spot!