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Thursday, July 2, 2015

gettin Giggy with the afterlife: Giggerota- Part Two

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Ok, where were we? Giggerota bit the big one, so we are really surprised when she suddenly shows up in season two, episode 14 "Patches in the Sky". (The external, I mean Lexxternal links there are awesome.) Turns out she's part of some really creepy nightmares.

It's psychologically interesting that Stan dreams of Giggerota, who was a cannibal, just before they discover the entire Light Universe is disappearing bit by bit, as if it's being swallowed up by a big nothing.

It's also interesting that Stan, Captain of the Lexx, is the one having the nightmares about getting mired and stuck and trapped and threatened. At first glance it almost looks like he's having a premonition about the end of the universe and doesn't know yet he is the only one who can truly do anything about it, although I'm not sure the writers had that in mind.

Yes, it all starts off with the guilt thing, which we know actually goes clear back to a complicated mess of Reform Planets being blown up, resulting in the deaths of 685 billion people because he got caught with the codes, and yes, it turns into a payback nightmare, but why Giggerota? He dreamed of the globe with her in it before he ever sat in the narco-lounger, so again, I call premonition. But what of?

One could make an argument at this point that Giggerota's soul was on its way to the planet Fire in the Dark Zone (season 3), and this dream representation could partially be a real haunting.

It's pretty scary that a murderer is demanding that Stanley face being a murderer himself. Is this really Stan's own brain tormenting him? Again I ask, why Giggerota? After everything Stan has been through, it could have been any number of people representing the dead in his nightmares, and this is especially weird because Stanley didn't kill her.

That lone tear for his fear while she mocks him is delightful.

What makes this point of view even more interesting is that his argument with her about his guilt and sins is almost identical to what Prince says to him in season 3, after which Stan winds up in hell, so one could go further out on the branch and presuppose this is Prince already playing his games while he waits for the Lexx to reach Fire. This won't be the first time we see Stanley trapped up to his head.

"More than anything else, you are afraid of death! That's what I'm going to bring you."

Thank goodness things start going wrong outside the dream bubble, interrupting it in progress, although it wasn't good for Gubby.

Since this isn't a Patches in the Sky review, I'm not going to say more about it, except that the dream imagery is really cool when you notice it goes through a gradient reduction, like planet rubble. It might be easy to overlook what's happening until you remember Stanley's history, which is why we're all here watching Lexx in the first place.

I'm known to overthink things, but Giggerota is a really fun character to overthink. And you guessed it, there's a part three and a part four coming.

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