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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Waiting for the Lexx Spin-off

What can Lexx fans do to help? Besides becoming more aware of the process,

and learning what goes into making a cool show like Lexx (click pic for the videos), 

and cosplaying Lexx characters at comiccons (click pix to see the albums on facebook), 

I think the most obvious thing fans can do to really help is have fun being Lexx fans on the internet! I recently wrote this in my facebook group, Lexxperience.

I think best chance of fans SPEAKING OUT is literally being an open fan on the internet. Blog about Lexx, tweet about Lexx, post pictures of Lexx to public sites, FLOOD THE SEARCH ENGINES. I run into fans constantly who have no idea there are other Lexx fans still around because all the old abandoned stuff keeps coming up at the top of search engine results. We need to change that.

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