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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lexx on Droid

Originally posted 11-25-12. On 9-1-13 Xanga migrated and I lost mobile viewing. Summer 2014 I started moving my Lexx posts over here to Lexxperience to bring mobile viewing back to my readers.

I will never forget the day I first saw my Lexx fansite in its entirety loaded up all at once. I had constructed it bit by bit, code by code, from scratch on laborious dial up, and could never pull my own site up completely and properly see it. I had to go on faith that everything I was constructing did what it was supposed to and was all in the right places. In the summer of 2006 during a computer class in medical terminology, sitting in the back of the room during a 5 minute pre-test review, I sneakily pulled up my fansite on the college network server and was knocked breathless. There in all its glory was my fansite like a glossy fan magazine, so much better than I had envisioned it in my head. I cried as briefly and as quietly as possible and managed to get the screen back off just before the teacher would have caught me. I had trouble breathing as I floated through that test (which I aced, in case you’re wondering). After the test someone asked me what was going on, I guess my eyes were still in the stars, and they couldn’t understand anything I tried to convey about how gratifying it was to finally see my own fansite for a television show they’d never heard of in a genre they weren’t interested in after two years of flying completely blind and pulling my virtual hair out over code they had no clue exists. The glossy beauty of it at that moment has never left me.

I had the same experience today. I no longer have that Lexx fansite, it’s all gone. I have a really nice laptop on awesome broadband and can see everything I’m doing now. I still tear some virtual hair out while I toggle between two browsers and umpteen open windows, racing like a madman against the hundreds of interruptions that plague my life. I spend hours (and days) on every Lexx post I pull together, not exactly reconstructing a fansite, but definitely creating a magazine style nerd blog with a Lexx obsession. Up until this last weekend I have never seen my stuff on any other technology than a computer screen. But we got serious phone upgrades at Verizon on Black Friday, and my Droid Incredible 4G LTE (not being paid to link that) gets awesome internet. And today I clicked my bluejacky home link from my twitter profile and. was. wowed. My silly survey blog looks like a glossy online magazine. It was only a short click from there to this blog, and I literally held my breath with tears in my eyes while that tiny little Lexx flew across the space background on my glossy Lexx-obsessed nerd blog… I danced around going *aaaaahhhhh* *aaaaaahhhhh* ~Scottlookatmyphoneit’smycoolLexxblogI’msoawesomeIrock~

I have regained my composure. I did a bad rush job getting pix on my HD camera, I’m sure a different light setting would have better results, but I’m not particularly patient right now (crazy fangirling all over one’s self leads to smashing one’s ankle on a coffee table), so you’ll just have to believe me that Lexx on my new Droid rocks the Two Universes. You all need to go out and get Droids *right now*. There is nothing cooler than seeing the Lexx get ready to fire it’s weapon on your phone in the dark, like this page. And the little comets fly around even better than they do on this blog.


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