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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Worship His Shadow- part 10- the bug bomb

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Pretend a year didn’t just go by since we left a crowd of bloodthirsty fans screaming for Thodin’s death, and before that we left Xev trapped in a lusticon, and before that we left Stanley Tweedle freaking out about a termination order. We’re right on the cusp now of what else can happen???

Stanley Tweedle is writhing in agony over a horrible conundrum- one to three organs when he reports to the corrections center versus termination if he doesn’t turn himself in. General guess, he probably had about 20 minutes left on the clock and has been wandering around since then trying to make up his mind what to do. Escape is out of the question, being in the heart of His Divine Shadow’s League of 20,000 Planets on the Cluster itself, trapped in a judiciary structure to make all your worst nightmares look like rainbow colored kittens. I wonder what that screen with a face on it is for.

If you think about it, this 20 minutes is probably the very last of any kind of freedom Stanley Tweedle will ever know again. While he’s walking around in between places, still fully corporeally intact, no one is bothering him or bossing him around, and when he pauses to think to himself, no one questions him or gives him trouble. That big robot looks pretty innocuous. Remember that when we see it again.

In this moment with the distant chime marking the quiet passing of time in this in between place, we get an almost beautiful view of the Cluster far below while Stanley wrestles with the hardest choice he’s ever made in his life. “One to three organs?”

 photo 425.jpg  photo 426.jpg  photo 427.jpg

“Better than termination!” Quiet thoughtful time is suddenly over, now it’s panic time, and Stanley realizes he’s got seconds left to report in before he gets stuck with termination. He turns immediately and starts running.

 photo 429.jpg  photo 430.jpg

That’s the correction center he needs to get to down that hallway. Look very closely. We hear the bug bomb report in, “Bug bomb searching…” as it zips through that gateway. Watch the green dot, like a teeny tiny remote controlled helicopter buzzing around. Remember, you can click on thumbnails to see them better.

 photo 431.jpg  photo bugbomb.jpg  photo 432.jpg

Stan is running really fast, jumping over and dodging zippy little robot servos on their little carts. I can’t help thinking how the shadow patterns on the floor look like he’s in prison wherever he goes. It even looks like his own shadow is trying to get away.

 photo 433.jpg  photo 434.jpg

With all that jumping and dodging and utter panic rising up, the last thing Stanley needs is a teensy airborne mechanoid buzzing around crashing into his face and slowing him down.

 photo 435.jpg  photo 436.jpg  photo 437.jpg  photo 438.jpg  photo 439.jpg  photo 440.jpg

Uh oh…

UH OH. Yeah, Thodin is hearing all this on his relay.

“Bug bomb… malfunction…” Definitely one of those ‘Oh crap’ moments. He’s still bolted to that little bug carrier in the middle of Cobalt Stadium with a hundred thousand bloodthirsty fans screaming for his brain to be fed to cluster lizards.

Here’s the holo-judge talking again. “Thodin of the Ostral-B Pair is accused of heresy in the first degree..”

 photo 444.jpg  photo 445.jpg  photo 446.jpg

“…of 26 counts of piracy…” Despite the danger and the bug bomb malfunction, Thodin seems to be enjoying his sentencing.

“…of influencing the minds of the People…” The cluster lizards are getting crankier.

“…of questioning His Shadow’s truth and wisdom…”

“…of destroying 231 military vessels loyal to His Shadow…”

 photo 451.jpg  photo 452.jpg  photo 453.jpg  photo 454.jpg

That’s turning into quite a list. Starting to wonder just what all Thodin has really done, who he really is, and what in the world kind of outfit that is and do all the heretics wear them?

Meanwhile, the clock is counting down and Stanley Tweedle is running for dear life.

 photo 456.jpg  photo 457.jpg  photo 458.jpg  photo 458-1.jpg

 photo 460.jpg  photo 461.jpg  photo 462.jpg  photo 463.jpg

Automated voice- “This correction center is now closed.” The gate was automated, as well.

 photo 464.jpg  photo 465.jpg  photo 466.jpg

Alas, Stan is too late. 

 photo 467.jpg  photo 468.jpg  photo 469.jpg

“It’s me!”

“I’m here!”

But of course, it’s truly too late.

There is no one around to hear him.

The bug bomb malfunctioned and Stanley is too late, looks like this story is almost over…

Thodin was played by Barry Bostwick, Stanley Tweedle was played by Brian Downey. You can find Lexx at Amazon, and check Lexx on Yidio to see where it’s still currently being broadcast.

I made this last year, you can use it if you want.

This is part 10.
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