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Friday, August 29, 2014

“Dare” Lexx Sex Survey

Originally posted 10-18-12.

A survey is going around Xanga daring bloggers to open up about their sex lives. Fascinating stuff, to be sure, but why not heat it up with some Lexx? Screen caps from the tv series Lexx, all images can be found at

1) What do you consider your first sexual experience to be?

Half the time you don't get any thunder or lightning.

2) What is the sexiest thing you’ve ever worn in public?

When it breaks, fix it.

3) What is the sexiest surprise you have ever given someone?

I think Poet Man surprised everyone. Not every day a hologram rapes a guy with a needle.


Zev scared Stan silly in the shower when she wanted to eat his brain.

4) What is your favorite scene from a porn video or story?

This was about as sick as it could get, using other people's organic fluids to get off.


5) Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Xev and Bunny played truth or dare.

Kai will kiss anything if asked, but it's rare that anyone asks because he's dead. He kissed a robot head...

and Prince... whaaaa?

6) Had sex in a public place?

First Lady Bunny and the President can't seem to stop.

7) Have you ever had anal sex?

Whatever happens at Sub-N mercenary Feppo's place ~stays~ at Sub-N mercenary Feppo's place.

Don't trust the biomechanical carrots, or Kai will have to probe you.

8) Have you ever had a rim job? Given one?

Ever been tied up by crazy ballerinas with whips and had your head jammed up to one full of spikes?

9) Are you in a relationship now?
It's complicated.


10) What is your partner’s sexual fantasy?

Stan wants Xev

Xev wants Kai

but sometimes it just goes horribly wrong.


Giggerota dreams of Dexter 9, the secret planet of the milk fed boys.


If you ask Feppo, you might get to see his collection of fave fantasies.

11) Do you prefer to orgasm before or after your partner?

Don't do it Stan, hold onto the key to the Lexx, nooooooo!!!

12) How often do you masturbate?

Sometimes you just have to cradle the rock.

13) Have you ever had cyber or phone sex?

This guy was addicted to a narcalounger.

Xev was P4K's top internet billing.


14) When you masturbate do you think of a specific person, celebrity or friend?

Vlad dreamt in her crypt of a Divine Assassin until it came true.


Stan probably thinks of Zev in the shower

and Xev in the shower.

15) What is on your sexual Bucket list?

Usually, to escape...


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