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Friday, August 29, 2014


I think people are wanting more Lexx. I knew my other blog was getting hit pretty hard before Xanga migrated to new servers, but since Sept 1st 2013 I haven't been able to see how hard. It's only been a month since I started moving my stuff over to here. Honestly? Didn't expect this much this fast. Guess it's safe to say fans are happy to get more Lexx on their mobile devices.

There's still a lot of work to do.
1- I keep running into fans on tumblr and other media that think they're the only Lexx fan in the world.
2- In the old days I had several character posts up, but didn't have them backed up. I'll be rewriting them from scratch, with loads more to say and way more pix.
3- Yes, I really do intend to review the entire series. Lexx is a modernistic film noir work of philosophical and dark comedic art, and so close to being lost for all time for awhile, at least in the U.S. until Echo Bridge Entertainment picked it up for distribution, and then Lexx finally started showing up on streaming and in retail.
4- This is a hobby that is going to take several years. Don't worry if I look stalled out sometimes. Real life smacks me around like crazy.

I've been a scifi fan all my life. Sliders moving to the Syfy (then SciFi) channel a couple of decades ago prompted me to invest in Dish, but I never purchased an entire series on hard copy until Lexx, and it's the only show I devote any time and money into fansite building. Why? Because it really did start disappearing, became almost impossible to find for awhile. I couldn't bear the thought that it might become obsolete.

Lexx fans, while seemingly few, are rabid enough to create their own books, comics, art, games, clothing and shoes, jewelry, and even film to fill the yawning lack of merchandise tugging at our souls. Lexx fans are wonderfully inventive, casting their own collectibles and creating their own action figures, trading cards, tech skins, plushies. I used to try to keep track of their creations with a site called Lexx Art, which is gone now. I still think it's a neat idea, though.

Anyway, I'd be working on this fan stuff anyway just because I like it, even if I only got 3 hits a month. So thank you to everyone checking this out, it's a sweet surprise, and I guess we'll see how far this goes.

If you are looking for more Lexx, please check out the wonderful sites in my link index. Some of them are still interactive, and many of them contain more links I don't have listed.

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