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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Ellen Dubin gave us Lexx fans a Christmas present

Ellen Dubin is very Lexxcited about the 20th Lexxversary coming up soon and has been enjoying poking me to get all over #ALLTHETHINGS, which is amusing to people who know #aspienado in real life. Yes, some of you may lol, it's cool.

I mean, I've been resisting instagram for awhile, but Ellen has instagram (srsly, click that), so now I do too (Lexxperience was taken, wah), and it appears I shall be learning how to DO MOAR. (Don't forget Ellen also has twitter, G+, and facebook, and very interactive with fans, so she's super winning social media.)

So yesterday just before Christmas exploded at my house, Ellen told me the cool background behind this shot. You can click it to get to this status update on her FB fan page.

I asked if could share the story, she said YES, so this is from Ellen.

And this one clicks out to the link she has in there if you want to see it.

I would love to hear more Lexx trivia from Ellen and other cast and crew, as well. I don't know how they'd feel about the fans doing this, but I wonder if we could politely swarm like Mantrid arms onto some of their facebooks and twitters and leave comments about the Lexx 20th anniversary coming up and how much we'd love to hear more from them.

Ellen has asked me to help share stuff, and I would love if you guys would help me help Ellen. Please share this everywhere and help me find #ALLTHEFANS and point them to Ellen everywhere, because I think she has an idea about doing something fun and cool for the #Lexxversary.


  1. Wow that's a great story! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Can I translate this for our group please?

    1. By all means, yes! I think Ellen would love to have as much spread out there as possible. <3

    2. Thank you :-) I'l make a small trivia first and than publish the story