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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How many more one-page Lexx reviews do we need?

By the haphazard fortunes of random twitter and weird timing, I ran into a tweet today that linked to a Lexx review that was done last year about this time by a writer for Their page makes no apologies for lengthy lapses in updating (lol, makes me look good), and urges readers to contact them on their facebook if we feel the need to get hold of them for anything. Well, yeah, besides being the first person on the planet to give that review a rating (5 stars, I know, I'm a sop), I'd like to leave a "Brava!" or something, right? (You know me, I wouldn't have been able to stop there.) So here you go, an actual fairly new Lexx review that had me laughing over a few skewed factoids (did the writer even SEE the show?). Click the pic to go read it.

Why am I linking this? Because I think it's adorable that someone out there is still rifling through old material to create 'new content' with the same kind of slurred attention to detail that squeaked some of us past #epicfail on our college essay exams before we dropped out. See, that's kinda Lexxy. But not terribly Lexxperienced. But maybe that review helped make a few Lexx sales, and for that we thank you, as Tosh says on his show.

And it would have been nice to *cough* get more updated fan site links *cough* since my newer content is starting to come up on the front page in google search now, as evidenced here. Took 2 1/2 years to break through what looked like the cover stone to a mausoleum, which I'm not saying disrespectfully. Lexx fans know the old shrines well.

A person might ask at this point, "How many more one-page Lexx reviews do we need?" The thing is, everybody out there making a new dotcom to monetize (it's all the rage, people keep asking me when I'm going to monetize and I stubbornly keep saying NEVER) anyway, they need to fill up their sites with clickable content, right? Monetizing doesn't work if you can't attract and drive traffic. And if you're drawing a scifi/gaming/comics crowd, you can't just copy other people's reviews, you have to rewrite your own. I respect that, it's good to create one's own content. Any site worth its dime will build a nice library covering all the stuff, but the thing is that someday all the servers on the planet are going to be crammed full of reviews that use slightly different words describing the same thing everyone else is describing. I'll be honest, I would love to see way more new Lexx reviews with personal viewpoints being done by people who take the show more seriously than drinking through it. (At this point a few of you are yelling for me to get off my butt and finish the Bunny post, sorry, I'm feeling the guilt every day, I swear.)

It's tempting to turn stuff like this into a 'find the mistake' game and then hand out prizes to whoever catches the most mistakes in Lexx reviews. Maybe one of these days...


  1. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad people are enjoying 925 Rebellion and our content.

    -His Divine Shadow (Owner of 925).

    1. =) Hello! Thanx for friending on facebook, You tolerated me well, lol. Huge respect for that.