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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our own Giggerota is back in the stars

We know her as Giggerota, Queen, and Pope Genevieve from Lexx, and true Ellen Dubin fans have followed her across a range of characters in movies, TV shows, and games since then. Some of us have even found her on twitter. If you don't have a twitter yet, shame on you. Twitter is a wonderful way to not only keep up in real time (you can get tweets from Ellen sent to your phone like texts as soon as she hits send), but an excellent easy history to scroll through so you can see at a glance what she's been up to all year. You can click this snip to check it out yourself.

I've lately been excited about the updates she's been tweeting about Nobility and Starfall. Tweet snips click to original sources.

This from a blurb I made in in the forum on 10-17-14.

Sitting tight waiting for Nobility to premier, have been watching the press releases all summer. From their facebook- ""Nobility" is a new sci-fi dramedy dubbed "The Office" meets "Firefly". Set 700 years in the future, it's about the C.A.S. Nobility, humanity's most powerful starship with a crew that's, well, anything but noble." My favorite Lexx cannibal Giggerota (Ellen Dubin) plays Col. Theia, check out the rest of the awesome Nobility cast.

What I didn't mention was being surprised and elated that Teal'c is also part of that cast, so you guys need to go poke around their site and see what else you find. Click this pic to go do that right now.

So after all that waiting, I was very surprised when Ellen suddenly started tweeting again about another scifi series in space.

Starfall, according to their kickstarter page, "is in its final days of production with a cast and crew of dedicated and talented professionals working to return science fiction television to the stars where it began with works like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who. By assisting with the post-production through this kickstarter, Starfall will be able to show its finished work quicker and thus capitalize on our early successes to secure the series on a long term basis."

Sound familiar? Lexx went through a similar pre-production pilot that sold the series before it was later filmed as the Lexx series we know and love. If you would like to be part of the kickstarter, check out the sweet reward tier that comes with donations. It would be cool to hang out with Ellen at the premier, wouldn't it? Click this to see more.

I am in no way affiliated with Ellen Dubin's agency or press releases, but we do tweet once in awhile, and I'm very excited that we've got some new space shows coming with her in them. I know we're all busy and holidays coming up, so I've put this here in one spot for easy reference. If you want more, please follow Ellen on twitter, like her facebook, and check back on those new series sites for updates.

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