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Friday, February 26, 2016

Funko Lexx would be pretty awesome

Yes, I know I suck, guys. I still don't have that Mantrid post out and not one single soul has complained, not once. But yes, I hear you loud and clear. And you know what? The people who could actually be making more Lexx or bringing us merch should be hearing you loud and clear, too, so I'm making my stats public. Dear Lexx owners, Plz to make us some Funko and Lego and kewl stuffs for holidays and moar cool stuff on general principle, because we've been really really good fans all this time, very dedicated and sincere and we really do want more Lexx. In fact, we're so rabid for Lexx that we pay good $$ to create our own one-off collector stuff to hoard, and we really really hope someone is out there listening to us and watching us love Lexx. Hopefully yours, the LEXX Fandom.

I'm just one little bitty fan in a worldwide fandom. There are other fans out there doing way more than me just writing a blog about a TV show. I've been seeing some incredible things created by dedicated fans, and I'm hoping to get some of it together into a separate blog dedicated to the Lexx fanbase. This original header was from a blog I put together around 2006, I think, and it's been gone awhile. Well, I've been very surprised at how much has been going on in the Lexx fandom while I've been out of the loop. I think it's high time the powers that be were aware just how much is out there...

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Coming soon. Just like that *cough* Mantrid post *cough*.


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