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Thursday, July 27, 2017

a fondness for balloons

Well, someone's a Lexx fan, my Lexxperience dotcom is popping. Numbers doubled this month. From the beginning of this blog to now, which will be 3 years old next week, statcounter has logged 1,589 cities from 105 countries, and since I've rigorously blocked pingbacks and totally crunch spam, those are mostly real people. You guys see me struggle with bots on Pinky blog, well, Lexxperience gets way less app spam to the point of being almost negligible.

I apologize profusely for not being more involved with the fan base. If you are keeping up as a reader on my blog hub, then you know why, so I'm not going to drag it out here.

Yes, I still have every intention of continuing the review posts. Again, thank you so much for reading.

Also, since I'm pointing out that this blog will be 3 years old next week, I may as well bring up that my original GrandFortuna's League of 20,000 Planets fansite on Xanga will be 13 years old in September. I lost loads of stats during 2 sitemeter crashes and then the big Xanga server move, but at one point I was clocking 3000 hits a week, and one post had over 10K hits before the server move.

some of you might remember how this all got started
And amazingly, I STILL run into Lexx fans all over the world on twitter, tumbr, facebook, and other places who say they thought they were the only one in the world who liked Lexx. I just wanna say to all the TV review sites who thumbed this show down, my stats beat yours and you can suck it. Also, hazing a show for kneejerk hits is a dick move and only shows your low IQ for missing all the deeper backstory and innuendo that opened up and exposed reams of delicate religious and political controversies before it was fashionable to do so on social medias.

Lexx fans will never die. Keep looking for each other, guys.

:edit: By the way, this Lexxperience blog is now registered and verified with trustedsite.

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