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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

the year that Lexx ranked into the top 40 TV shows of all time

I just posted this to the Lexxperience page on FB.

Do you guys remember the Vote for Lexx thread from the old Lexx 'bored'?

Lexx came in 20th place out of 40 with a total of over 10 million votes in the big Rich LaBonte TV vote, thanks to the vigilance of Lexx fan n5-kopele from Bulgaria, who also admin'd on the Sci-fi_aholics forum at and owned the Bulgarian Lexx site at (no longer viewable, sorry).

I was able to grab one of the Lexx vote promos years ago and upload it to photobucket, but I'm no longer able to see it, at least on this tech. Photobucket has made a lot of changes. You can try it, but I'm not sure it'll work.…/JanikaBanks/tv_vote_Lexx30K.swf

The Rich LaBonte vote page is still there, even though the voting has been closed for a long time. You can still see Lexx ranked in 20th place.

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