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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lexx re-release for the 20th Lexxversary

Echo Bridge Entertainment will re-release the entire Lexx series in a single box for only $29.99 on May 3rd, available for pre-order from Amazon.

pic clicks to official re-release announcement

A brand new Australia version complete set released in 2011 can cost up to $122.99 on Amazon.

A brand new region 2 complete set released in 2002 starts at $81.43 and goes up to $146.81 on Amazon.

A brand new region 1 (U.S. and Canada) complete set released in 2013 starts at $46.72 on Amazon.

And of course, you can still order all 4 Lexx seasons through retail stores online for about $12 per season, making the entire series around $48.

Yeah, the cover art is messed up- Kai never held a sword (Excalibur???) and Mantrid and/or Prince would have been a great antagonist to have on the cover, but yay it's a re-release and the price has dropped again. Now all you Lexx fans on twitter fussing about never seeing it come through Netflix or Hulu can plunk down your spending money for one little bitty weekend and just own it, amIright?

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  1. Noice! On the topic of more Lexx things happening, Brian Downey is coming to Sydney, to meet the local fans and show his support for the fan made live theatre performance of Brigadoom.
    Any chance you could use what reach you have to share this, and reach people before the party in 2 weeks? I've barely begun recruiting yet! :)