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Monday, January 5, 2015

Lexxperience the numbers

I'm still not understanding the deeper complexities of google analytics, but I can access 'insights' to my Lexx page on G+.

Fifteen followers doesn't look like a very big deal, does it? But what is really happening there? Three and a half thousand post views since about this time last year isn't too shabby. Not bragging, just saying Lexx fans are definitely out there. This doesn't count people who get email and alt reader copies of what I write when they sub to the associated blogger page.

Why did I do this? Because I still can't see numbers on my original Lexx blog at Xanga. I used to see some pretty sweet numbers until the server move a year and a half ago. I created branch pages so I could see if anyone ever actually checks back. Boy howdy. This is just from the last 30 days on the G+ page. Basically, the view count doubled over the holidays.

The problem that surrounds ME is that I have a controversial past in the Lexx fandom and I used to be contacted by people who'd rather not be seen publicly contacting me, for various reasons that I completely understand and harbor no ill feelings about. I'm also feeling out new projects with a few fans who have let me know they're not comfortable yet becoming public figures outside of their Lexx avis. That's cool, it was a huge leap when I made it myself, and my nerves were pretty fried. I even talked to a psychologist about it to help me deal, because my social anxiety was maxed out because #aspie.

Since I made the decision to keep everything I do completely public, I've had far fewer challenges than when I used privacy settings. I'm really liking that. I have no secrets, lurkers come and go freely, no more side taking and private emailing. The trade off is that I'm in the dark about who visits my sites now, which is fine. Numbers are people. I can see general locations, most of the device types, how long people hang out reading, and that's all I need. I've got spam filters up, I know you guys are real, and I get warm fuzzies looking at stats.

Why is this a thing today? Because I still run into fans everywhere I go who think 'Lexx is dead' or wonder where we all got off to. Yeah, forums here and there might be slow, a couple more fan sites have disappeared, but I run into new fans all the time. On twitter just this last week, 19 year old who discovered Lexx after seeing Deiter Laser in a couple of things was so excited that she had to DM me about her lexxperience. I'm out there cruising the social medias, and I'm seeing the amazing Lexx cosplays in comiccons across several countries and the new very collectible art fans are still creating.

You newbies are not alone. Us old guys haven't left. Lexx is not dead. Lexx fandom, for most of us, is generally a cult fandom, and most of Lexx really is underground. Or underether- what is the web undergound called, anyway?

I'm still running into Zev vs Xev, where is Michael, wow Brian is still doing stuff, they should make a Lexx movie- but social media is really super changing. I know I'm running to keep up. Search engines have changed, it's not as easy to find what you want any more. You can't just search "Lexx" and find current fan hotspots like we used to. I've been learning all new ways to break through the buildup in the search engines, working really hard at it, and I still think our best hope is twitter. Everything else gets drowned out, but you hashtag something on twitter, it comes back with a click. Even then, hashtagging is a problem. Do you know how many people in this world are nicknamed Lexx? There is even a very prominent dance club named Lexx. The trick is word combos. But I digress.

I'm writing this because I know some of you really think it's over. Being a Lexx fan is NOT easy. We work hard to find each other and create our own fan stuff. It's not handed to us by a big company wanting our money. Yet. You get Lexx into the right hands, who knows what could happen. Plus we have to remember the filming world is changing. Look at all the kickstarters out there, and debates over Netflix and Hulu purchasing franchises. It's a real fight getting something filmed when you don't magically have millions of dollars to burn. If I ever make millions of dollars... guess what I'm spending it on. Ok, besides sox and chickens.

I'm rambly today because I'm taking the day off. I've already combed through lotsa technoweenie codes and settings and instructions stuff. Kinda thinking it's been, oh... *looks at watch* 10 months since I've worked on the IWHS film review, 7 months since I did the last character post. I know! I'm terrible! I've been busy! I left the fandom and Lexx is dead! lol Worse, I'm not linking you to all this new stuff I find! I know! I suck!

New Year's Lexx resolution- WRITE MORE STUFF. The real kind. With lots of pictures. And links.

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