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Thursday, January 1, 2015

new year, new universe

Another year, another lapse into Lexx nostalgia.

Those of you who haven't yet embraced twitter, it's not too late. Twitter has a sweet search engine that pulls up entire histories of word combos, like Lexx 790, Lexx Kai, Lexx Zev, Lexx Xev, Lexx Stanley Tweedle, Lexx Giggerota, Lexx Thodin, Lexx Mantrid, and so on. I find fans all over the world tweeting about watching Lexx, missing Lexx, cosplaying Lexx, creating Lexx stuff, wishing Lexx was broadcasting somewhere...

The cool thing about twitter is fans tweeting links to stuff. I ran into this link today, another version of the BrunnenG song I'd never heard before. I'll be honest, I'm really swamped with a project I'm working on and am woefully deficient in linking Lexx content I randomly find, but twitter makes it easy to find stuff that fans have linked there, thankfully. I overloaded my bookmarks on several browsers, there's way too much to keep straight. If anyone out there is attempting this Herculean effort to warehouse everything Lexx, major kudos and God bless, but in the meantime, twitter is the coolest real time warehouse I've found to date.

I got a very sweet Happy New Year message from Kirill Yaravoy on VK, and I'm seeing more in Facebook Lexx groups. I haven't checked forums in quite awhile, my bad, so I'll say here what I'm saying to everyone- I hope this is your best year ever, and never stop believing it's all good. I know Lexx fans have to believe even harder, but I do believe. Lexx is still alive and well all over the world, and fans just keep making more Lexx, like this awesome effect. See more here.

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