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Thanx to Andrey Lake Gladilin for permission to use this Lexx graphic!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Parallel Lexx

RJess is working on a Lexx fansite in Russian, and has gracefully translated some of my Lexx posts. Near the bottom left of the page is an English language preference option, which helps with some of the descriptions and titles. I can also paste posts over into with Lexxellent results.

I run into other-language Lexx fansites every once in awhile (Americans don't always automatically get search results from other countries, you might need to use search engine addresses outside of the States), and I've been very impressed with the tenacity I've seen around the world to keep Lexxing. This includes several South American and Asian countries, besides Europe, Russia, Canada, and Australia.

Some of us from several countries dream of a public world fan network, where fans can check in from everywhere with links to their stuff. This is a real thing, it's starting to happen. The challenge is making it easy across the variety of medias. Fan groups are great, but when they are closed to public, the information is inaccessible. Forums are great, but information is too easily buried. Fansites are great, but an owner or admin has to manually log content. Facebook pages seem ideal, but not everyone wants to make a Facebook account just to post a link. I'm investigating checkin apps that allow link-throughs, but apps can be so glitchy-fail across devices that info gets lost. Some shareware like Disqus requires IE, which doesn't work for me at all, etc etc etc. Again, the best thing I've seen so far is Twitter, but I have yet to find enough Lexx fans using it to support an active list feed. Several of us have tried. We see Farscape and Stargate fans out there world networking through Twitter and feel very frustrated sometimes at Lexx fans hunkered down in their dark little holes, but that itself is so classic for Lexx fans, I find it rather adorable. It's who we are.

In the meantime, if you are a newbie who has just discovered Lexx, some of the older fansites have pretty awesome link collections. My own list is pretty dismal, but several sites in that list will keep you busy the rest of the year if you are determined to scour Lexx history on the internet. I've actually attempted that, it's a full time job. We need Memory Catacombs like Brunnis had. If you'd like a quickie synopsis of some of the pitstops the Lexx made, check out this Bulgarian fansite. There are several Lexx Wikis I depend on, but I love the personal touch fans put into their own site creations.

And thank goodness for persistent fans.


  1. Hi Janika, thank you for mentioning my site. It is very new, still under construction. By the way, another site ( is not Belgian, it is Bulgarian ))) I did not see it before, thanks for the link. - RJess

    1. I appreciate the correction! =) And major apologies to Peter Atanassov for my error, lol, Bulgarian is not Belgian. I swear I'm not a dumb American... <3