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Sunday, January 18, 2015


I've never done this before, so let's call it a Lexxperiment.

First, I made this page on facebook as a pointer to my own stuff to demarcate clear boundaries for incoming newbies just discovering the Lexx fandom. I really had no other plans for it.

Then the other day I was talking about creating a place where fans all over the world can share public links without having to join anything. (I have a million accounts, as do some of you, I'm sure.) I know this page still requires a facebook account to be able to post, but I went ahead and opened up the wall to the public. I'm not expecting response, just putting it out there that Lexx fans DO have a public place to share their link updates if they want.

I wrote this note on the day I made the wall accessible to the public. Given my extreme slacker nature (4 months not checking the littlelexx forum, I'm terrible), don't worry if I don't check this page all the time. If graffiti shows up I'm sure we can all be cool and just step over it till I get there.

Are You Lexxperienced?

I'd like open this page so that Lexx fans can post to the wall. Post links to your fansites and fanfic (please don't post fanfic here, I'll delete it), post your Lexx art and youtubes, post your cosplay. I hope this can be a real time info sharing hub. ALL Lexx fans are welcome to post update notices to their sites here, as long as it is about Lexx.

I'm not into fights, dissing, side taking, and bombing. If I see any, I'll delete it. This includes both other fans and the Lexx actors. This page is not a dumping ground for what you don't like about other fans, the actors, or the show.

I also delete spam, porn, and hate. This page is open to the public, all ages can see it.

Please limit to one post at a time, put all your stuff into one post when you share. Twenty posts from one person on one day drowns out other people posting, so if I see that happening I might delete some.

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